Fans claim that Demi Lovato’s song will cause a ‘foreign attack’

Why does Demi Lovato sing for others?

Demi Lovato in 'Unknown with Demi Lovato'
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Fans of Demi Lovato. Surprised at the singer’s latest attempt to communicate with foreigners.

In an episode of Their brand new show Unknown with Demi Lovato, Let it go The singer used some strange techniques to try to communicate with aliens and ghosts.

The show premiered on September 30 on the Moore streaming service. The show’s founders see Lovato, younger sister Dallas Lovato and best friend Matthew Scott Montgomery when they “Uncover the truth about UFO phenomena.“The show also includes efforts by people who are beyond the realm of pre-discovery, whether they are aliens, ghosts or spirits.

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Led by the release of the series, many people were bubbling with excitement about what was going to happen. Lovato expressed excitement because they could not wait to add Lovato to their long list of alien titles.

For example, one fan wrote, “Great – this is a very exciting time, a lot is happening in the world of UFOs, and our generation is holding on to many years of research and exposure .. !! Thank you. . !! ”

However, after the release of the series, a special moment left the fans scratching their heads at how much credibility Lovato had to maintain on such topics.

During one episode, Lovato finds himself in a dark house with a ghost named Carmen. As Lovato talks to Carmen, he states that the soul is “traumatized.”

“She’s traumatized and that’s why she doesn’t like men,” Lovato said. Following his statement, the male crew decided to step back from the scene, saying they respected the spirit and that was why Lovato would be allowed to speak to Carmen alone.

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Lovato then shared that before asking Roh if he liked the song. Afterwards, Montgomery claims that Lovato should sing as an offering to the soul so that men can return to the room.

Lovato agreed before saying, “Well, I always sing skyscrapers when I like an emotional song. After that, Lovato started singing his hit song Soul. After the weird scene aired , A lot of people started going to Twitter. Troll the singer One said, “All I know is that the aliens were done with their **.”

Another added, “If those spirits were in the peach, I’m sure they’ve become demonic after listening to Demi’s song.” One even claimed that if Lovato continues to sing to strangers and spirits, They will cause “alien invasion.”“.

Another agreed, adding that the song would “exterminate” our species.

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