Fans consider these to be the best movie references in ‘Seinfeld’

The brainchild of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David Full of references Seriously, there’s hardly a scene from Seanfield that doesn’t talk about Superman in any way. Of course, it comes from a real-life obsession with Jerry Seinfeld’s Man of Steel. But Great cast for the hit NBC show. Not only did superheroes get to play with references, many popular movies were actually built into some of the most popular scenes in the series. While many Seanfield comes from the experiences of Larry David.The previous art influenced the 1990s show in ways that audiences are still talking about today.

Recently, a big Seanfield fan named Yaron Barch collected some very popular and obscure movie references on the show. A great youtube video.. Major picked up the video quickly. News like The Independent. Although there was no in-depth reference to the Seanfield movie before, many of the titles included in the video have been a source of great discussion among viewers on Reddit. They all basically agree on what the show’s best quotes are …

JFK and ‘The Magic Logie’ are easily the most popular.

There is no doubt that Seanfield’s most famous film reference was taken from the 1991 film JFK. The political thriller, based on the real-life path surrounding the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy, emerged shortly after the start of the Seinfeld race. It was a huge hit at the box office and presented some of the most memorable scenes from any 1990s film that made it parody. But JFK also produced an incredible cast that actually included Newman, Wayne Knight.

In the 1992 episode “The Boyfriend”, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David decided to pay tribute to both the success of the film and Wayne’s role in it, recreating the courtroom scene where Kevin Costner’s Jim Garrison Modeled that the bullet that hit JFK violated the rules. Physics, to prove at least one other shooter there. In the film, one of the people used in this demonstration is Van Knight. So, of course, Jerry needed to recreate the whole thing for the Seinfeld audience.

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In the episode, Kramer and Newman explain that their hatred of baseball player Keith Hernandez comes when they spit on him during a game. Jerry goes on to tell Elian that his whole spit story is ridiculous and uses Kramer and Newman as models to show that Keith has no way to spit on them. The three-minute scene is similar in JFK, including the use of Super 8 footage from the day of the spitting / shooting. But, it is the final line that really makes it one of Seanfield’s most exciting moments.

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Seanfield Reuters loved crime movies.

Although almost every genre of film has been cited in the Nine Scene Field season, these are the crime films that get the most attention. Clearly, Jerry, Larry, and their brilliant team of writers belong to this genre.

The Godfather and The Godfather Part 2 are easily the most acclaimed crime films ever, and both are cited in Seinfeld. Even less excellent Godfather Part 3 is quoted when George says a version of the famous line, “When I think I’m out, they take me back in.” But Seinfeld is known for re-using popular lines from movies, including A Woman’s Fragrance, A Cry in the Dark, A Street Car Desire, Patton, The Hustler, Some Good Men, Pulp Fiction, and even From Batman. But really impressive film references are those that work in the context of real scenes, like Seanfield’s JF reference.

Most of the time, these were the most notorious crime scenes that Seinfeld cites, such as the scene of a taxi driver when Robert De Niro’s character picks up his weapon from black market guns. The scene was replicated in Seinfeld as Kramer and Newman look at all the illegal showerheads in the back of the truck. Speaking of vehicles, tributes were paid to Thelma and Louis as Kramer pushed the limits of his gas tank on the highway.

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But of all the crime films cited in Seinfeld, the most notable are Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich’s 1993 film In the Line of Fire. Although the incident where the Kramer cable boy waits for him (instead of the other way) has nothing to do with the thrilling story of political crimes, many scenes have been shot for the shot. This includes looking out the window at the telephone booth on the road below Kramer, and especially walking.

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