Fans dragged Donatella Versace on her definition of ‘sexuality’

Donatella Versace is an important part of the fashion scene. Founder’s sister. One of the largest and most respected companies in the industry., He has been Mingling in the circles of the fashion elite. For decades now

Then it is not far to understand that the Italian socialite knows something about beauty and sexual matters and in particular how the two can be moved into one building. A multi-million dollar luxury brand..

But when the 66-year-old designer. She shared a personal definition of “sexiness” During an interview with Times Yesterday, many social media users were ridiculing what they thought were vague and outdated ideas. Speaking from his residence at the Versailles headquarters in Milan, Donatella was told to look for “another word for sexy”. “A lot of people think. [sexy] It’s absurd, “she says,” but it’s not. Sexy is equal to powerful. ”

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Some fans criticize the business woman for saying that sexy means a state that is achieved by buying versatile products. One Twitter user wrote, “People don’t buy things when they feel satisfied and happy, they buy things when they feel incompetent and hollow. The beauty industry doesn’t sell clothes, it sells fear and hatred.” While the other. With Donatella’s power, sex felt out of place.“If we want to have the option to be sexy, yes. We have to be sexy or we are useless in the eyes of society, not so much,” he tweeted.

And some even questioned whether Guyana Versace’s sister was the right person to talk about “sexy” and “beauty” issues. The mogul is often thought to be on fire for plastic surgery, although the star has never admitted to doing anything.

One Twitter user, responding to his latest comments, suggested that Donatella should follow the example of those who “age beautifully without having to pay a fortune through plastic surgery.” And another called the fashion icon “not being sexy” “no” to “put beautiful people on pedestals”. [being] Powerful. ”

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Elsewhere in an interview, Donatella explained how, while her brother Versace was the mastermind behind the fashion house, she wanted to use celebrity power in the brand’s promotional campaigns. “Guyani just wanted a perfect body so that the clothes would fit perfectly,” she revealed, but I told her, “It’s about personality, it’s about different girls.

Perhaps what the designer was trying to convey in his currently circulating quote was not that sexual power is equal to power, but that we should focus on a kind of sexy that is more personal than clothing. Is with After all, Dontella revealed another personal compliment. Times The interview was about fashion itself, which she says is just a “mood lift”.

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