Fans draw a draw between Britney Spears and Amanda Baines as #freeAmanda gains popularity

For the first time in 13 years, An American singer The day may come when he realizes that his father will no longer be able to legally control his life.

Earlier this week, a judge suspended the father of 39-year-old Princess Pop from her role as Conservator and Spears. On the path to freedom. Another hearing is scheduled for November 12, where she wants the Conservatism to end altogether.

There was the Free Britney Movement. Walk around quietly The singer was first placed under conservatism in early 2008, but has since moved on. Britney’s gram. The podcast was released in 2019. Since then, the movement has gained more followers and exposure, which has accelerated with the release of. New York Times Documentary Created by Britney Spears Earlier this year.

Now that the movement and Spears’ efforts have been successful, members of the Free Britney Movement are turning their attention to this. Another well-known conservative – Amanda Beyonc..

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Talking to TMZ Outside the court on Wednesday, Spears supporters said. Despite significant differences Between the two conservatives, many believe that Baines is stuck in a similar, unfair situation.

“Conservative reform doesn’t stop with Britney. There are a lot of people in the United States who have been abused by the conservative system,” said one fan, who is fighting to end the Bains Conservatory. “Some things and some people are connected between conservatism. We need to consider that.”

Another supporter said, “Amanda’s case has not been as mainstream as Britney’s so I think we should definitely help her.” “I am convinced that there is a blueprint behind the veil of conservatism.

Free Amanda Movement supporters are posting. # FreeAmanda. Spears once tried to focus on being “officially free” to help spread awareness on Twitter.

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In addition to celebrities currently living under conservatism, the Free Britney / Amanda Movement wants to “continue educating the general public about the use of conservatism through events and rallies, because they” We fight to help anyone who is being abused by the Conservatives. ”

One aide wrote online, “It will help many other people trapped in conservatism. It’s time for serious reform, and I’m sure Congress has got it. Patronage breaches over the years.” There have been hearings about, but this time it’s different. ” .

Patronage has recently come to the fore. Partially led by the #FreeBurney Movement, Netflix’s comedy thriller also highlighted the harmful nature of the system. I care a lot.

Now, in light of Britney Spears’ case, BuzzFeed has a Extensive US Guardianship System Report. Which sheds light on corruption and malpractice in such systems.

Fans are thankful for the ongoing show that this coverage shines on the lives of former child stars.

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Madonna via Instagram
Fans reminded Madonna that she was “no more 20” because she posted playful pictures.

Madonna’s fans are reminding her that she is 62 years old.

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