Fans forgot that these stars appeared on the show “Law & Order: SVU”

V Law and order the franchise is one of the largest and most successful in television history, and fans have been drawn into it for decades. Of course, not every release is a hit, but the success of the franchise with its spin-offs cannot be denied.

IED is now a legendary spin-off, and the show has given a host of performers the opportunity to hone their skills. In fact, many famous personalities have appeared on the show at some point during their time in Hollywood.

Let’s take a walk through the land of memory and check out some of the stars people have forgotten about. IED!

eight Norman Reedus plays a sinister rock star

Norman Reedus SVU

In May 2006, Norman Reedus starred in the episode “Influence” IED seventh season. It was several years before Reedus became a star thanks to his success. the walking Deadand most people would know him from his starring role in The Boondock Saints around that time. Reedus played rock star Derek Lord in this episode and tried to influence the case at hand.


7 Brittany Snow was the target of Reedus’ character

Brittany Snow, SVU

Not to be outdone by Norman Reedus, Brittany Snow actually appeared in the same episode as Reedus in 2006. Coincidentally, this is about Snow’s character Jamie, and it is Derek Lord Reedus who is trying to play a role in the case. … Derek has a bad influence on Jamie during the episode, and it’s especially interesting to go back and see how successful Reedus and Snow have been.

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6 Bradley Cooper had a crossover arch

Bradley Cooper SVU

Unlike a number of other performers who have acted as guest stars on IEDBradley Cooper got a chance to appear on both IED and short-lived Jury trial in the crossover. Cooper played attorney Jason Whitaker in both episodes aired back in 2005. By that time, Cooper had already starred in the series. Aliasbut he still had to become the movie star that he is today.

5 Zoe Saldana starred in the show “Law & Order” back in the 90s

Zoe Saldana SVU

Zoe Saldana has not only done a few Law and order shows, but in fact she played several characters. Per IEDSaldana played Gabriella Vega in the 2004 episode “Outlaw,” which aired back in 2004. Her previous work in the franchise happened a few years earlier, in 1999, when she played a character named Belinka in two episodes of the series. Law and order… Needless to say, both times she worked with the franchise, she was fantastic.

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4 John Stamos played the offender

John Stamos SVU

In 2011, IED Fans were stunned when John Stamos made a guest appearance on the episode “Bang,” which aired during the show’s 12th season. Stamos was a television legend by then, and his appearance on the series certainly caught the attention of many viewers. Instead of playing Jessie’s lovable uncle, Stamos played Ken Turner, a reproductive rapist who had over 40 children. This led to his untimely death on the show.

3 Sarah Paulson has been on two Law & Order shows

Sarah Paulson SVU

Similar to the aforementioned Zoe Saldana, Sarah Paulson is another example of an artist who has been to several concerts. Law and order displayed as different characters. For her stay on IEDPaulson played Anne Gillett in the episode “The Shadow” which aired back in 2010. Paulson has always been immensely talented, and she played the character who eventually confessed to killing his own mom. Yes, this episode is getting dark and Paulson is too good at his role.

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2 Milo Ventimiglia Seeked Justice

Milo Ventimiglia SVU

Even during his Gilmore girls Run, Milo Ventimiglia took a guest seat on IED, and instead of playing Jess Mariano, Milo played a victim of violence named Lee. Fortunately, the episode ends with the right abuser being jailed. This was in stark contrast to his role in Gilmore girlsand it certainly helped people see that the young actor had a wide range. Unsurprisingly, he continued to work hard on This is us.

one Ian Somerhalder plays the fun killer

Ian Somerhalder, SVU

Ian Somerhalder has had tremendous success in television over his career, so it’s no surprise that he got his way. IED… In the episode “Domination”, Somerhalder plays a mad assassin named Charlie Baker, who is responsible for several truly heinous crimes. It’s a tense episode and Somerhalder has a fantastic role to play.

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