Fans get excited about Macaulay Culkin’s last interview before leaving the map

The kids of the 90s will always have fond memories of Macaulay Culkin. The actor made a fortune thanks to ‘Alone at home“, however, things were not so smooth behind the scenes.

The actor was completely burnt out and needed time away from the industry.

Besides, it won’t be any easier at home after his sister’s death. Years later, he tried to re-enter the business with auditions for films such as “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘however, it was never the same.


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When promoting ‘Richie Rich“About David Letterman”Late show‘, the actor has repeatedly hinted that he is tired of all the films.

Ironically, this turned out to be one of his last interviews as one of the biggest Hollywood stars, as the 14-year-old quietly disappeared from the map for years after his appearance.

Macaulay Culkin was tired of acting and needed a change

He was the biggest child star of the early 90s. Behind the scenes, however, Macaulay Culkin was not doing so well.

The actor completely burned out from filming so many films in such a short period of time.

In addition, all the attention he received from the media and the media also made life much more difficult.

As he showed alongside Olt News, he got tired, and he began to look for changes in his life.

“I was fed up, to be honest.”

“I liked 14 films in six years or something. I was often absent from home. I was away from school. I needed something else. “

“The smartest thing I could do was take eight years of vacation,” he added.

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As we all already know, “Alone at home’ the actor never returned. However, he stated alongside Go to social networks that he is completely satisfied with this decision

“I was raised a Catholic, so there is a lot of guilt. We are born with original sin. Since I was told this, I have been trying to come up with even more original sins, it will really strike my priest in confession. “

“I have been very calm lately. I can argue with people and my heart rate never changes. “

In 1994, fans didn’t know much after ‘Richie Rich‘, his career began to decline. Considering his interview with David Letterman, there were quite a few signs of fatigue.

It started out as a typical David Letterman interview, consisting of a little chat with Culkin. The actor appeared on the show to promote his latest project “Richie Rich. “

When asked to discuss the film, it immediately became clear that the child star was very tired and weary.

“It was fun. It was a long time … I also got sick a lot while doing this. “

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Culkin was later asked who was in the film, and he struggled to name co-stars with whom he starred together, this likely showed his exhaustion and, in truth, how little he cared at the time.

He seemed a lot more optimistic when Dave brought up the subject of vacation for vacation. In truth, fans didn’t know much at the time, but this vacation turned into a retirement as the actor took a long hiatus but never returned to full strength again.

Fans realized that this interview was his last before disappearing from the map for eight years.

The interview was posted on Youtube in 2020 and has already collected over 310,000 clicks. What makes the interview so special is that fans understand that this was one of the actor’s last interviews before he leaves for sunset. It also marked his third and final appearance on Dave’s Channel. ‘Late show‘.

Fans talked a lot about this interview.

“The sad thing is that this is the end of Macaulay Culkin as we knew it. He’s here 14. And he quit playing at 14. Those were the last, precious moments. And the audience didn’t even know about it. the greatest stars of all time are about to sink into obscurity. Of course, from time to time it appears now, but it is not the same. Will never “.

“A 14-year-old says he ‘works too hard,’ and Letterman and the audience just keep laughing … these people should be ashamed.”

“So humble. It seems that these poor kids in the industry have a heart of gold, and the industry just snarls like a flock of vultures. “

In retrospect, it’s great to see all the signs of Culkin’s sheer fatigue that have just been greeted with laughter from the audience …

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