Fans have a few theories about how this ’90s show will deal with Hyde’s absence.

The circumstances surrounding Danny Masterson’s absence are rather obscure, prompting That ’90s Show to drop the actor from participation (according to Botanist). But given the popularity of the character and his role in the Foreman household, it would be strange if the character was not mentioned at all. Hyde’s character still needs to be resolved somehow, and Reddit fans have ideas on how to implement it.

“My theory of Hyde’s absence from That ’90s Show is that he’s in California working at a record store owned by his father Barrett,” he wrote. u/RayKVega. “I felt the theories about him being dead or in prison were too dark and too complicated for that.” With his broken home and hanging out with hippies like Leo (Tommy Chong), prison has always been an option for Hyde. But fans feel that it would be too far in the world of sitcoms. This fate will serve as a reminder of the unsettling facts surrounding the actor’s absence and remove Hyde’s previous character development.

“I hope it’s something like this, because his imprisonment will negate all his development throughout the series,” said you / kurosaki715. Hyde spends most of the series trying to figure out his family’s history. He jumps from father to father, only to realize that the Formans have become his real family. Erasing this would be disrespectful to the character’s legacy.

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