Fans have predicted the cast of RHOBH Season 12 as filming is set to begin in October.

Real housewives. Of Beverly Hills Season 11’s reunion has just been filmed, but accordingly. Real Housewives franchise., Diamond Holders is set to begin shooting Season 12 on October 12 – leaving the show’s fans delighted, far away!

RHOBH viewers have been speculating about who will be back in the next season for months, but with filming starting so early, they are trying to figure out who will be back, and who will be at the door. Will be shown

Fans decide on Crystal Kingmankov.

However, most of the fans who weighed in on Crystal immediately tried to convey that there would be a strong start to the season in between. Drama with Sutton, She felt that she faded into the background soon after.

Others felt she had arrived. “Means” – And for that reason, they weren’t his biggest fans.

However, there were also a ton of Crystal fans who disagreed – like. _ گونگابے۔, Who commented, “Crystal PLS low back.” Similarly, ima and match tub. He insisted he wanted to see more crystals in the future.

Has Ranna gone too far this time?

Another cast member, RHOBH viewers, had a strong opinion of longtime housewife Lisa Reina.

Although Lisa has always been known for telling people ‘her property’, many fans have commented throughout the season that she has gone too far. Dennis Last year- and they’re still not happy about it! Especially since this time he has taken such a soft stance with Erica.

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Disco_53. Wrote, “I don’t see Lisa R or Erica on.” In a similar vein, re andreaghe77 Note that they hope, “Everyone except Ranna” Will be back.

People have talked, and they want Kathy!

Fans of a cast member can’t get enough of the series’ new friend Kathy Hilton. It only makes sense, provided she’s been a fan favorite since her first episode.

However, although many people have demanded a diamond from him this season, they are likely to be disappointed. As Kathy explained. Fun tonight. A few months ago, she never intended to touch the diamond.

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All drama aside, this cast is a winner.

While comments on social media have highlighted who people want to see back (and who should be shown the door!), Many have taken a slightly different approach.

illy billy.scaltsas, @ 7dxb2w And r0bbi3_v85 Everyone commented that they wanted the full cast to return next season. However, the entire cast has contributed to the success of RHOBH this season!

Whatever is brought back to our screens for Season 12 goes without saying one thing: the fans come to their screens for the premiere!

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