Fans have warned Natalie Morales that joining The Talk could ruin her career.

NBC News anchor and correspondent Natalie Morales has just left her 22-year rule and announced that she will take her seat. Panel Conversation. Her huge fan base likes Morales very much, and wants to see her out of sheer love and loyalty, however, they are making it clear that she is great for the job, and she is sounding the alarm. have been .

Simply put, there is more. Controversy around Conversation, And ratings have been slipping for some time, so fans of Morales are warning the highly respected news anchor to take on this new role. Fearing that it is too far below him and will ultimately tarnish his reputation, fans urge Morales to change his mind before it’s too late.

Natalie Morales makes a move.

Natalie Morales has spent 22 years with NBC, shining as an anchor. Show West Coast today., And has been respected for its time. Dateline NBC. as well as NBC Nightly News. He is equally respected by peers and audiences, and has truly established a successful career for himself.

Morales has the image of a highly skilled professional, and his fans really appreciate his ability to convey important messages in a charming way.

When she announced that she was leaving NBC in pursuit of a change, fans fully supported her desire to continue her growth and shine in a different realm, but no one expected her to announce it. Not that she is joining this panel. Conversation.

Fans were upset at the decision, citing that the show was “under it” and that the drama surrounding the show would surely lead to her death.

I’m worried about that. Conversation ‘It will ruin it’, fans are saying and urging Morales to reconsider what they consider to be a ‘very bad choice’.

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Fans shout some warnings.

As loudly and emotionally as they are capable, fans are trying to get Natalie Morales some instant messages. They are warning him that this dangerous move to join The Talk could “ruin him” and are urging him to change his mind.

Social media is full of worries and warning messages.

The published comments include “No one can save this show. It’s been horrible since me and Eve left. What they did to Sharon was the worst.” “Oh no, what is she doing?” “Not if IATSE has anything to do with it.” And “Why? I can’t believe you left NBC for the talk show.”

Additional comments include “I’ll cheat to run until January. He has something they all hate. Class and integrity.”

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