Fans love Kylie Jenner’s theory of having a boy in the shape of a baby bump.

Using biological references to support their theory, fans are totally focused on having a baby on the younger Jenner sister.

Kylie Jenner is pregnant
By: Instagram.

Kylie Jenner Confirmed that she is pregnant with baby number two earlier this month, and fans could not be happier for the reality star.

Before the story breaks in late August. TMZMany people said they already knew Jenner was pregnant based on small gestures she saw in a series of Instagram videos.

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Fans also saw how Jenner was playing with clothes and nail polish in her social media photos, which led many to believe that she was uploading old videos and photos to cover up the fact. ۔

Well, now it’s all open and the world knows that 24-year-old rapper Travis is expecting another child with Scott.

Fans are now turning to new ideas, claiming that Jenner is pregnant with a baby based on the shape of her piece.

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A Twitter user said that after analyzing a series of photos of Jenner in recent days, including photos uploaded to Instagram, the shape and size of her baby bump looks like Jenner is expecting a boy. ۔

Others shared their views, saying that some of Jenner’s best friend Anastasia Karnikulau’s emojis used on social media seem to remove the sex of the cosmetics guru’s baby.

Karnikulau called his friend Ben in the oven an “angel”, to which one fan insisted that Jenner’s baby was male.

Jenner and a handful of his family members, including. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner., And Chris Jenner He is currently in New York preparing for Monday’s Met Gala.

Fans have not been able to control their excitement about the TV personality taking the red carpet to full display with their rising baby bump, although it is not clear if all of Scott’s fashion Will help him in the big night.

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Kylie Jenner is what the world sees, and Kelly can be two very different people behind the scenes.

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