Fans love the sweet screaming Harry styles given to Helsi during the NYC flick.

Helsi attended a Harry Styles concert in New York City and was welcomed. A sweet voice of an English singer.

Styles, performing as part of her American leg. Love on tour On the tour, I realized that Halsi was in the audience and. He congratulated her on the recent birth of her child..

Harry Styles voiced Helsi during his NYC concert.

Like everyone else in the audience, Halsey had a great time with the styles flickering. Fans posted pictures and videos of the American artist dancing on the beeps of Styles, but they weren’t ready for the lovely overload of styles.

The singer gave birth to her first child, Ander Ridley, in July this year. The father is screenwriter Olivier Aydin, and he and Halsi have been in a relationship since 2020.

Styles, realizing that Halsey was in the audience, changed the tune. Kiwi From “I’m having your baby” to “You’ve just had a baby” and pointing to one of the audience, exactly in the direction of Halsey. The mob understood, lost.

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Fans of Stiles and Halsey went wild after the sweet tribute.

“Harry pointed to Helsi during the Kiwi tonight and sang ‘You just had a baby!’

“Harry pointed to Halsey during the Kiwi and changing the lyrics to ‘You still had a baby’ was probably one of the most famous moments of the tour,” was another comment.

Someone said that during the kiwi he pointed to Helsi and sang ‘You just had a baby!’ I’m crying, “wrote another fan.

Halsey also posted pictures of her eating watermelon red pop behind the scenes, a clear indication of the boop of styles. Watermelon sugar.

“Halsey is living her best life. I love Thar for her,” was another comment.

“I’m sorry, but I’m stealing this show,” Halsi said.

Another tweet said, “From putting up Harry posters to living in the HS Loot Pit is character development.”

“All I know is that Halsey is having her best life tonight at the Harry Style Show,” was another comment. Halsey is a longtime fan of the style..

“I’m crying to see Haley,” another wrote, adding a heart emoji.

Can Halsey participate in every Styles gig from now on? Fans will definitely like it.

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20 photos of Helsi that will make Avon Peters sweat.

Halsey is always changing its shape, so we never know what we are going to achieve. That kind of thing should improve their relationship.

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