Fans of Ariana Grande think the weekend “robbed” her of just one Grammy.

Friendship between fellow pop stars. Ariana Grande And the weekend is long gone. A fan’s favorite relationship.

The two first worked together in 2014, collaborating on Grande’s hit song “Lo Me Harder”. Since then, he has collaborated twice more on Grande’s “Off the Table.” Weekend 2020 single, “Save Your Tears.. ”

But Grande’s fans have begun to change his partner over and over again when he chooses not to collect “Save Your Tears,” which helped Grande win the chart-topping for the 2022 Grammy Awards. Weekend has previously expressed its displeasure with the prestige event and vowed to boycott it in 2020. Deprived of any nomination For his critically acclaimed album. Hours later.

Meanwhile, Grande chose her second Grammy for her feature this year on Lady Gaga’s track “Rain on Me”, and fans of the singing actress are expecting to release their latest album. Positions For consideration at next year’s event, however, her fans are angry against The Weekend for refusing to offer a track that they believe would be an easy win for the pair.

One Twitter user wrote, “Another irreparable loss for the Ponytail girl” and another tweeted, “He is not snatching Ariana from the third Grammy win.” For some fans of the former Nickelodeon actress, The Weekend’s decision not to collect “Save Your Tears” even meant that Grande lost her only shot to win an award the following year. One Written“I understand, but it was the only chance for my girl to win because she would get out of positions … I hope she doesn’t participate.”

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Boycotting Grameen is becoming more and more a trend in A-Listers. With The Weekend, which tweeted last year, “Grameen remained corrupt” and looks set to keep his work from recognizing the academy, a host of other celebrities. Hollywood has also criticized the event.. Zane made headlines earlier this year when he exposed the biased voting process for the awards show, and JZ broke the 20-year boycott of The Grammys this year, after being disappointed with the ceremony when he Snatched DMX’s 1999 album.

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While it remains to be seen whether Grande will present his work to the Academy for consideration, it is certain that The Weekend will not back down from its anti-Grammy stance. And while some fans are disappointed, there are many. Hit maker definition To stick to it

Although Grande may be out of luck in the “best pop duo” category, we can only hope that their work will get the recognition it deserves.

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Fans drag the ‘scary’ Ariana Grande imitator.

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