Fans of ‘Big Brother’ reacted to Xavier’s coronation, earning the first black $ 750,000

For the first time in 23 seasons, the black winner was crowned. Big Brother. This season was full of historical moments

The grand prizes were many, the alliances actually brought it to an end, and Xavier Prather unanimously succeeded in becoming the first black winner of the BB.

Xavier played one of the most impressive games to date. He was the best competitor ever, his social game was flawless and he selflessly served as a pawn on many occasions.

During the closing ceremony on Wednesday, September 29 Xavier won the last HOH contest. And Eventually, Izzah was expelled. Taking Derek Fraser to the last two. Frazier won zero contests and played a “floater” game that made it very easy for the jury to decide.

“I deserve 750k because I worked. No matter how many times I fell, I gave my all. I put myself in front of everyone,” Derek told the jury. And even made myself a pawn. Did I have to lie to get here? Yes, but I made sure to keep this man with me and I did. Xavier said I think everyone The most important factor you should consider because we are crowning the first black winner of “Big Brother”, not just someone who played a great game, but someone who didn’t personalize things while playing the game. Made.

“I think not only did I play a very strong game, but I never underestimated anyone on a personal level because I played this game. I lied, I cheated, I cheated, but it’s “big brother.”

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By a 9-0 vote: Xavier won 23 big brothers!

Well deserved jewelry!

CBS is doing its best not to spoil the West Coast final!

The jury includes Brittany de Angelo, Derek Xiao, Sarah Beth Stigal, Claire Reefs., Alyssa Lopez, Tiffany Mitchell, Hannah Chadha, Kyland Young, and Azha Osm.

Host Julie Chen made the announcement. Tiffany Mitchell wins America’s Favorite House Guest Defeat runner-up Derek X.

Tiffany won the grand prize of $ 50,000, the largest ever. The victory was well-deserved for launching the famous Cookout Alliance and creating a “master plan”.

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BB fans reacted to the final.

Julie Chen is hugging all the BBs. Player!

If Miss Tiffany shows her heart, it’s a good thing the United States recognized her efforts.

Fans feel that other people deserve the last 2 places on Derek F.

Thanks Cookout # bb23.

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When a large group of strangers come together to compete for $ 500,000, there is bound to be drama, repetition and revelation.

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