Fans of Britney Spears were horrified when reports surfaced that she was being watched by her father.

An American singer Fans have expressed outrage that a security firm set up by the star’s father monitored the pop singer’s phone calls and text messages.

The Grammy-winning singer lives under one. Court-approved conservatism Since 2008.

Allegations were made in a. New York Times Documentary to be released on Friday. Controlling Britney Spears

Alex Vlasov, a former Blackbox security employee who worked with the singer’s team for almost nine years, admitted that the company had access to Spears’ phone and had installed a listening device in his bedroom.

A lawyer for Jamie Spears, who runs his daughter’s conservatory, did not deny oversight but said it was “in line with the standards of authority given to her by the court.”

According to Vlasov, Blackbox logged into his iCloud account and filmed the pop singer’s phone on the iPad, allowing him to access all his activities and all the messages he sent, including text. Messages and emails.

He told the filmmakers that he had been asked to encrypt some of Spears’ text conversations so that they could be sent to his father, Jamie Spears, and an employee of a business management firm he had hired.

According to Vlasov, the surveillance included a conversation between Spears and his lawyer, Sam Angham.

“The reason for their reduction was the search for bad effects, the search for potential illegal activity that could happen, but they should monitor conversations with their friends, with her mother, with her lawyer, Sam Angham. Britney should have a lawyer, “Vlasov said.

“Her own phone and her own private conversations were often used to control her. I know for a fact that Jamie will confront Britney and say, ‘Hey, why didn’t you text this person?’ What? ”

“Just because you’re in control, you don’t give people the right to be treated like property. It doesn’t feel like they’re being treated like human beings.”

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According to the documentary, the recording device received more than 180 hours of audio, including. Britney’s Conversations and conversations with her boyfriend and her children.

The latest revelations about Britney’s life have angered her fans.

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“If this is true, then it is terrible! This control is abusive. Those who provided this facility will be held accountable. So it was deemed necessary to monitor this level but it was still encouraged to act.” ? !! ” One person wrote online.

One second added, “That poor woman, the way she didn’t break, proves how strong she is … hopefully she’ll sue him a lot.”

“His father is a young loser and the courts have ruled that it is unpleasant and straightforward for him to continue for so long. It is his money to spend as he pleases. That’s right- this is his money, “said a third.

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