Fans of Jordin Woods believe that she and her sister, mother and grandmother look exactly the same in the new photo.

JORDIN Woods Beauty seems to be hereditary.

The 24-year-old model and socialite shared a photo of her grandmother, 51-year-old mother Elizabeth Woods, herself and younger sister Jody Woods, 17, lined up together.


Jordin Woods with her grandmother, mom and little sister
Jordin recently lost 30 pounds


Jordin recently lost 30 poundsCredit: Instagram / Jordin Woods

She signed photo simply: “Three generations” and added a heart-shaped emoticon.

But all fans seemed to be able to focus on how similar these separate generations are.

One fan commented, “Mom gave birth to the same baby twice and gave you different names.”

Another wrote, “Wow. Two pairs of twins! “

While the third joked, “I was confused. At first I thought I was looking at the same person in different wigs. “

Jordin has often found herself in the spotlight lately, both in light of her 30-pound weight loss celebration and in light of Tristan Thompson’s parenting revelation.

Over the weekend, Khloe Kardashian’s nemesis posed in a skin-tight jumpsuit, delighting fans with a series of sexy looks in a purple printed dress that hugs her uniforms.


Jordin proudly showcased her incredible weight loss – she has lost 30 pounds since 2019.

She also lost her ex-girlfriend Chloe after being Tristan’s first lover.

Jordin was Kylie Jenner’s best friend before the “kissing” scandal that kicked her from a famous family.

The family removed Jordin as a model from their various brands and ended the makeup collaboration between her and Kylie.

Although 37-year-old Chloe and 30-year-old Tristan broke up due to a kiss heard around the world, they managed to make up during the pandemic when they isolated their 3-year-old daughter Tru.

However, they broke up in the summer after more cheating rumors surfaced, including that the athlete “disappeared into a bedroom with three women at a party.”


Earlier this month, even more chaos hit Chloe after the Sacramento Kings player revealed that he had a child with personal trainer Maralie Nichols.

He is also the father of the Prince’s 4-year-old son by former Jordan Craig.

Chloe has no plans to reconcile with her child’s father after his infidelity. PEOPLE

A source recently reported, “Chloe is gone … They broke up for a while and everything is fine between them.

Despite the scandal, the couple is primarily “focused on raising Truth together,” said an insider.


Following news of Tristan’s love child, fans urged Chloe to release Jordin from the kennel for her actions many years ago.

Instagram gossip page, Hollywood unlocked shared a series of tweets in support of Jordin after the trio went viral on Twitter.

They summarized the fan reaction in a caption: “Jordin Woods is trending again after the news that Tristan Thompson has become the father of his third child with another woman.

Should Khloe Kardashian finally apologize to her for initially blaming Jordin for destroying her family over the 2019 kissing scandal? Or should Chloe just focus on peaceful healing? “

One man’s tweet read, “And they tried to blame Jordin Woods for this problem?”

Another replied, “Great news. What Chloe needs to do is apologize to Jordin Woods, “including a previous tweet about Chloe beating up Jordin after the 2019 scandal.

Others supported Jordin for being treated by a famous family after the one tweet incident: “So let me be clear about this, Khloe Kardashian and her sisters slandered Jordin Woods and acted like she was a problem, keep in mind that family known for her relationship. took the men, and Chloe forgave Tristan, and now they cheated on her AGAIN.

But Jordin took it a step further … and is currently dating Carl-Anthony Townes of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Khloe Kardashian and Jordin were once friends until Jordin kissed Tristan Thompson.


Khloe Kardashian and Jordin were once friends until Jordin kissed Tristan Thompson.Credit: Eh!
Tristan and Chloe become parents to daughter Tru


Tristan and Chloe become parents to daughter TruCredit: Mega Agency
Jordin has parted ways with basketball player Carl-Anthony Towns, who gave her a car for Christmas.


Jordin has parted ways with basketball player Carl-Anthony Towns, who gave her a car for Christmas.Credit: Instagram / Jordin Woods
Jordin Woods fans think she’s sending a “message” to Khloe Kardashian’s enemy calling for “haters” in a new sexy video.

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