Fans of Kim Kardashian are calling her a ‘fancy detail’ on her leg in sexy new bikini-clad photos from Tahiti holiday with Pete Davidson.

KARDASHIAN fans have accused Kim of photoshopping some of her photos in a sexy bikini while on vacation with boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Kim posted a series new photos and videos kayaking while on holiday in tropical Tahiti.


Kardashian fans noticed a strange circle on her leg
Kim Kardashian has shared new photos of her luxurious beach holiday with Pete Davidson.


Kim Kardashian has shared new photos of her luxurious beach holiday with Pete Davidson.

Kim, 41, has posted new photos of herself and her boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28, frolicking in the crystal blue waters of Tahiti.

The reality TV star wears a stunning silver and black bikini that shows off her very tiny waist.

The video shows her standing and kayaking in black spandex shorts.

In another shot, Kim arches her back while sitting on a paddleboard.

Kardashian fans accuse Kim of photoshopping Pete's obvious details in new photos
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Fans took notice of this photo, especially the stain on her leg, and asked if it was photoshopped.

One person asks on Reddit, “Photoshop bug?”

Another says, “If I had to guess, maybe she was pressing her foot against something that left an imprint.”

“It looks wrong and weird, but sometimes prints can be like that,” they continued.

Another wrote: “I think it’s because we usually see her in photoshop, so any natural skin folds and stuff seem shocking compared to some.”


This isn’t the first time fans have accused the Hulu star of photoshopping.

In a separate series of vacation posts, Pete filmed her slowly walking into the water in a little black bikini.

Fans have noticed that Kim’s belly button seems to “disappear” and then reappear, which is a clear sign of editing.

One of them posted on an Instagram fan account. KardashianSocial: “Her belly button disappears and reappears lol.”

Another wrote: “Damn, she lost so much weight that her belly button just disappeared, did you all see that?!”

A third wrote, “Her belly button is just disappearing,” while a fourth commented, “Lol, the edges of her belly are a little blurry.”

Not only was the reality TV star’s body edited while on a luxury vacation, but Pete’s shot also appears to have been photoshopped.

Another photo from a holiday in Tahiti shows a close-up of Pete on the boat, wearing a black collared shirt, black Prada sunglasses and a hat.

Fans noticed that the recent tattoo on his neck was photoshopped.


In another series of Instagram stories, Kim and Pete ride bikes around the island together.

Fans noticed the Kardashian star’s weight loss, which revealed she was wearing a bodysuit from her sister Khloe’s Good American line.

The black outfit showed off her hips, while the bodycon figure teased her cleavage.

The famous Kim family is reportedly concerned about their recent weight loss.

The KUWTK star has allegedly juggled long distance relationships while facing the struggles of being a single mother and running her own business.

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Back in May, a source close to the TV host exclusively told Kristen Bell Tattoos, “Kim always looks amazing, but she’s good at hiding her stress.”

“She is the skinniest she has ever been and barely sleeps. Her family knows a lot of it is her recovery from a very controlling marriage and her determination to show Kanye how much better she’s doing without him.

Kim Kardashian looks like she's photoshopped wrong in her vacation video


Kim Kardashian looks like she’s photoshopped wrong in her vacation video1 credit
Fans have noticed that Pete's neck tattoo is missing from the photos.


Fans have noticed that Pete’s neck tattoo is missing from the photos.1 credit
Kim looks slimmer than EVER in a formfitting spandex bodysuit for a bike ride with Pete.


Kim looks slimmer than EVER in a formfitting spandex bodysuit for a bike ride with Pete.

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