Fans of NCIS character want to see the lead in her own spin-off

Special Agent Abigail Borin (Diane Neal) first appeared on NCIS back in season 7 and stayed there until season 12. The character returned to the franchise in 2015 for a guest star role in NCIS: New Orleans, but her tenure as a member of the NCIS franchise ended prematurely. In fact, some fans Reddit would like to see her return in a spin-off, although the chances of this seem slim.

Redditor u/Classic_Bowl9940 stated that she “loves[s] character so much” and wishes she could play the lead role in the NCIS series. However, while a forum user has acknowledged that Borin’s return is unlikely, they are still “dreaming” of it ever coming true.

This sentiment was supported you/goldenbarks, who also wishes the character had a better send-off when she was part of the NCIS universe. “YES! She was great and I also wish her character had a better ending.”

“I miss her so much,” u/Pro4TLZZ added, confirming that Borin is still fondly remembered by some of the franchise’s members.

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