Fans of Parks and Recreation minor character deserve their own spin-off

On the r/PandR subreddit, there’s a thread that starts with a few shots of a skirmish between Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Ken Hotate (Jonathan Joss). Leslie praises Ken’s bolo tie, which Ken says is made and sold on Etsy by his disappointing son. “I love the way Ken walks in, drops that line and just walks out,” wrote one user. “Perfect Performance”

Ken Hotate only appears a few times in Parks and Recreation, and most of them are fleeting appearances. He plays a significant role in the Season 3 episode “Harvest Festival” when, as an elder of the Wamapoke Indigenous tribe and owner of the Wamapoke Casino, he places a (completely fake!) curse on Leslie’s Harvest Festival because it is scheduled. take place on sacred ground. “There are two things I know about white people. Ken speaks to the camera. “They love Rachel Ray and are afraid of curses.”

Solid but ingenious and very hilarious, Ken makes a brief appearance in five episodes. But that seems to have been enough to leave a mark on Parks and Recreation fans. “Yesterday I thought he was one of the few characters I can think of that could make a spin-off,” wrote you / Ehlian. another user, u/princess great pantssuggests that Ken should have been used much more than he was in Parks and Recreation, while others claim details about a sitcom based on how Ken runs a casino.

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