Fans of parks and recreation think this is one of the best scenes of Katherine Hahn

When Jennifer Barkley first appears in Season 4 of Parks and Recreation, she makes it perfectly clear that she’d rather be anywhere but Pawnee: “I swear the air in this city is killing my brain cells,” complains she is. She exudes casual contempt not only for Pawnee, but for everything that is small-town America. “I need to get back to the city,” she jokes dryly at one point. “Where something is going on.”

When Barkley returns to Pawnee in season 7, Ben (Adam Scott) and Leslie have three children, giving Barkley enough food to openly condemn their life choices – and flaunt his own. What’s with that terrible sound? she says as she arrives at Ben and Leslie’s house. When Ben casually says “kids”, Barkley replies “Ugh, your life is disgusting” before flashing a toothy smile. “My life is amazing.”

The exchange, perhaps brutal in the hands of another actor, is so poignantly funny that it deserves the highest praise from the outside. u/CuriousgvaRub on the r/PandR subreddit: “My favorite line from any show.”

Barkley proudly takes his anti-child stance elsewhere, with Reddit users repeating their favorite quotes. “I’m just going to spend my time doing exactly what I want because I don’t have kids,” he was quoted as saying. u / zippy boo yah. Others simply responded with Barkley’s favorite outfit when visiting a house full of sticky babies: “Poncho!”

The real Khan, who has kids, called “Parks and Recreation” the only show she found time for in a house full of energy. “I don’t really look [much TV] just because of the kids and blah blah blah,” she said. AV club in 2013. “I couldn’t sit with a TV show for that long, other than this one.”

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