Fans of ‘RHOP’ share their thoughts as Mia said who is responsible for these tweets.

Real housewives. Of potomac Fans have been roaming around for the past week and a half, as the season’s newborn Mia Thornton vents her anger on the co-stars. Candiace Dillard-Bassett And Skill Davis. Via Twitter and Instagram. in fact, The purpose of her laughter was to ask Scala some fans where she was getting the time and energy for the clipback.k in the first place.

Well, no more surprises, because while Mia’s social platform is still full of dubious comments, her recent post is a statement about who Really The attacks continued

Hint: It can’t be Mia, after all!

Fans weigh in on Mia’s statement

At the time of posting her tweets, Mia’s followers were quick to question why her online personality is so different from hers on the show, so it is understandable that fans called the statement ‘ah’. Taken as a moment.

However, this does not seem to be the case.

Rather, most fans have in mind that it was really Mia who shared the posts – and she’s using that statement as a fallback.

Bravo Theory.

Among those who believed that Mia had written the clipback, many also thought that she had decided to step down because Bravo had intervened.

A flow of love

Although many people were disappointed with Maya’s statement, there is no denying that she still has a lot of fans, and they were quick to send her love message.

Some fans want to come in!

Amid comments on whether Mia was responsible or not, some of her more ambitious followers applied for the opportunity. Podcaster and Instagram, ohnobravo There was only one of them.

In addition to writing, “Pick me up,” In response to another commenter’s frustration that it was difficult to read the statement in such light letters, he joked, “She doesn’t know which colors to use because she doesn’t have a social media manager.”

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Another camp that emerged from the conversation was ‘Team Rehre’.

Several Instagram users said Mia made the mistake of firing her social media manager – arguing that anyone behind the scenes understood the assignment.

In fact, many fans in this group were in favor of the increase!

Mia’s Taken Action.

Although fans will never know who patronized Mia’s social media accounts, she has already deleted her offensive posts on both Twitter and Instagram, so it is clear that there are currently controversies behind it.

For those who are not happy with the decision – Mia added contact details for aspiring applicants.

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RHOP's Chris Bassett is playing around in his chef's gear.
Chris Bassett’s Twitter response to Mia Thornton only RHOP fans stopped screaming!

Chris quickly put out the fire!

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