Fans of teen mom were shocked when Chelsea Hawska appeared in new music video from MTV show in orange

TEEN Mom fans were shocked after watching again the old music video of the MTV show featuring Chelsea Hawke, who looks incredibly orange.

Chelsea left the show in 2020 after ten years of filming her life.


Chelsea Hawska fans are shocked at how “orange” her skin looks in new Teen Mom clipCredit: MTV
Tanning reality TV is often a topic of discussion.


Tanning reality TV is often a topic of discussion.Credit: Chelsea Huska / Instagram.

Reddit users began to share a frame from an old episode, joking about the reality TV star’s fake tan.

The original poster featured an image that read, “Hand to face color ratio is awful !!” pointing out the dramatic difference between Chelsea’s face tone and the rest of her body.

Another commentator joked, “Literally cheat-dust!”

A third fan joked, “Tomato Tupperware, I’m glad she’s been able to clean up the worst on her face over the years.”

Someone else commented on the post: “My daughter came and went while I watched and she asked me,” Why does she have such an orange face. “

The fifth comment read, “Wow, this reminds me of 2003. Maybelline dream mousse foundation.

Other fans have noted how Chelsea has toned down it over the years, although she has faced controversy over her tan even after leaving the show.

“I’m watching Season 7 and while her tan looks more natural, she has such weird, angular, pointed eyebrows,” wrote one teen mom fan.

Another intervened in the show of solidarity, writing, “10 or so years ago, I was also to blame for this … and for the thin eyebrows.”


This is not the first time Chelsea has had a tan.

In December, she was accused of “fishing” after she posted a photo of S. her daughter, in which she looked much darker than them.

This photo appears to have been part of a family photo shoot taken a month earlier.

In the original post, a Reddit user wrote, “The Chelsea girls are rocking their natural color (albeit filtered by Insta. Meanwhile, their mom is 1000 shades of mahogany”).

Several fans accused her of trying to look like a different race, with one of them writing, “If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she adopted those kids lol. I don’t understand why she wants to look like a completely different race! “

Another user wrote, “It’s weird that people would come to her defense because of her too dark makeup / skin color. I think it annoys me when white girls try so hard to look brown. ”

While her tan is often a topic of conversation online, it’s not the only aspect of Chelsea’s looks that fans of the MTV reality show franchise are obsessed with.


In an updated clip from the show, Chelsea – now a mother of four – wore narrow eyebrows and lightened her blonde hair with brown strands.

The video was posted on Reddit and quickly gained popularity among users.

One fan of the show commented, “She’s SO different here.

“It seems even compared to her prefillers.”

Another joked, “It’s amazing that some of us had eyebrows after the Era of Disruptions.”

A third commentator wrote: “Oops, Chels with her real face.”

One user commented, “Okay, now I understand what you guys talked about about having a chin implant in her. Her chin is sooo longer now. “

Another comment read, “She’s better off with red hair.”

Chelsea has been accused of changing its appearance many times.

In October, she was ripped off for “lip fillers and botox” as fans claimed she was “overdoing it.”

Not only her appearance has changed over the years.

When Chelsea joined her teenage mom, she had relationship problems with Adam Lind, the father of her oldest daughter, Aubrey, who is now 12.

She is now married to Cole DeBoer and has three children: Watson, Lane and Walker.

Fans regularly talk about how her appearance has changed over the years.


Fans regularly talk about how her appearance has changed over the years.Credit: MTV


Chelsea accused of black fishing and criticized for cosmetic changesCredit: Instagram
She usually ignores feedback.


She usually ignores feedback.Credit: Instagram / Chealsea Houska.
Teen mom Chelsea Huska shows off her tan and advertises holiday gifts in new video after being accused of “fishing.”

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