Fans of the death of The Minor Law & Order 2022 crossover took it surprisingly hard

Stabler had been working with Vince for several months, but their relationship with the CI engine was still fairly new. Vince was brought in to help with the Sirenko murder case, and at the very beginning of the crossover, he had an intimate conversation with the villain. Unfortunately, Vince meets his end when Sirenko lures him into helping plant the bomb, but has always planned to kill him from the start. Stabler comes to the rescue too late, and Vince is gone for good. Despite his out-of-the-ordinary appearance, Law & Order fans have paid their respects to him online.

“Vince is gone and I liked him,” one of them said. Twitter — wrote a user with a crying emoji. “I knew that the moment Vince walked into this club he was dead, and yet I somehow got attached to him and now he’s dead” – another user added. Many other tweets only contained Vince’s name combined with all types of sad emoji as Law & Order fans mourned the newcomer.

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