Fans of the Parks and Recreation couple deserve more attention

In the fifth season, Ron Swanson meets Diane Lewis (Lucy Lawless), a high school vice principal and a tough single mother. After a rocky start, they start dating, Diane gets pregnant, and then they finally tie the knot. However, the couple is only actually seen in a few episodes of the series and viewers don’t see them together onscreen after season 6.

redditor y / synopsis launched a thread dedicated to Ron and Diane, where they indicated that the couple was grossly underestimated. Several users agreed, including u/EasilyPreside726who commented: “One of the best [couples] in the imo show.” Meanwhile, you / gremlin340 expressed their disappointment that Diane does not appear even once in the final season of Parks and Recreation. As well as u / Xumerledl wrote: “Lucy Lawless (sorry for the rhyme) is flawless. She’s so good at P&R. She is so good. I love her and Ron.”

While fans are worried about the state of Ron’s family in Season 7, Lawless’ busy schedule is the most likely reason for Diane not appearing in recent episodes. But she enjoyed working on the project and thinks Diana is Ron’s perfect match. When talking with Entertainment WeeklyLawless said, “She’s cool, funny and does her shopping at Food and Stuff. She’s the perfect woman… It’s [Ron’s] first mature relationship – she does not pervert his nature in any way. This is the woman you might want to see him with.”

Although they haven’t had much screen time together, it’s good to know that Ron and Diane will forever be in the hearts and minds of fans and former warrior princesses alike.

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