Fans react to Bam Margira receiving a police escort for her recovery.

He was dramatically taken to a rehabilitation center by uniformed police after an altercation at the Don Caesar Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, on Sunday, and the world did not think he was celebrating his 42nd birthday. It will be

Margera faced a strong public backlash when she was mistreated due to repeated incidents of substance abuse. Its extremely poor decision-making has led to many incidents, many of which are explosive, and detrimental to oneself and those around us.

Struggling with Margera’s substance abuse. It has opened up to the public, and it seems to have reached a whole new level. Instead of volunteering for a rehabilitation program to improve her life, Margiera was forced to go to a special center by the police.

Bitter details.

Bam Marjira has been out of rehabilitation for years and has recently. Away from his fellow cast members. جیکاس Franchise. His entire life has been spent as a result of his failure to control his drug problems.

He has even worked with Dr. Phil, and has sought the help of many professionals over the years, yet he seems incapable of watching any kind of program to the end, and finds himself many Searching for circumstances that lead to arrests and police involvement.

During this recent incident, police were called to a hotel in Florida, following a series of complaints about a man who was operating properly and disturbing other guests who were onsite. The St. Petersburg Police Department went in search of an emotionally disturbed man, whom they quickly identified as Bam Margiera. It was soon revealed that he was violating the restoration of court orders, and he quickly jumped on the bandwagon by providing him with professional police facilities. He was not arrested.

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Fan reaction

After hearing the news, the audience came out to express their frustration with the upcoming drama that Bam Margiera seems to find himself regularly.

He is convinced that he will not get better anytime soon, citing the fact that he will not enter Marjira’s mindset of ‘court order’ and ‘with the police’ treatment. However, only those who want to get help can actually benefit from the professional services that are provided to them.

Twitter erupted with fans who were angry at Marjira’s constant relapses and the desire to change her life, even after being given so many opportunities to improve her life.

Another fan said, “This guy is a mess, he will never change” and “there is no point in forcing him to rehabilitate, it will only make things worse, he should actually get better or some of that.” It won’t work. ”

Other comments include “Getting sick of his behavior right now. If he doesn’t want help, forget about it.” “I’m sorry he’s gone so far. He needs more help than recognition.”

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What is Bam Marjira doing now?

It has not been easy for him to get his life back on track.

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