Fans react to Daniel Craig’s emotional farewell to James Bond

It’s finally time to watch Daniel Craig’s last episode as James Bond. There is no time to die., Which hits cinemas. This fall. Craig’s 5th Bond film was delayed. Three times Because of the 19 epidemics, and it looks like the fourth time will be spectacular.

There is no time to die. This is the 25th film in the James Bond franchise and features Rami Malik, Lee Siddox, Christoph Waltz, Anna de Armas and Ben Weshaw. The film follows a retired James Bond who has been approached by CIA friend Felix Letter to search for the missing scientist.

Daniel Craig’s tearful farewell was captured in the video.

There is no time to die. Daniel Craig’s 15th anniversary to be celebrated as Bond, The longest series Any James Bond actor, and A recent clip From There is no time to die. The set went viral, often featuring Steele Craig giving an emotional speech on his last day as Bond (Tuxedo and Sub).

“I like every second of these movies, and especially this one, because I wake up every morning and I have the opportunity to work with you guys. And it has been the greatest honor of my life. Craig’s last address to the cast and crew was reportedly filmed in 2019 for a documentary. Being James Bond.Tribute to the person who paid the bond. Skyfall, Casino Royale, Quantum of Souls, Specter, And There is no time to die.

How Craig Bond Became

The year was 2005, and producer Barbara Broccoli was looking for a new James Bond after the last episode of Pierce Brosnan. Die another day There were actors like Carl Urban, Sam Worthington, Dogra Scott and Henry Kewell. Considered for prominent role. Before Craig won part of a young and inexperienced bond. Casino Royale

In an interview with Weekly entertainment.Speaking about Craig’s casting, Debbie McWilliams, casting director, said: Story Casino Royale It was a new, youthful endeavor to grow in James Bond instead of a fully formed character, but we struggled to find someone who could fill those shoes. Let’s look at it again and it was after a long, long search and Daniel finally became the clear choice for me. Well, he was clear to me and clear to Barbara Broccoli, not so clear to everyone. [Laughs] She fought hard and won that day. ”

Craig was. Official announcement As Bond in October 2005, and began shooting “Critical Reboot”. Casino Royale.

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Fans hated Craig’s casting at first.

The world had a new James Bond, but they were not necessarily happy. Craig was embroiled in casting. Controversy, Fans of the franchise claimed that he was not attractive enough to play the role of a famous spy. There was also the matter of her hair (fans knew James Bond as a blonde, and Craig was the first blonde actor to play the role), and the fact that she was also seen “Blue collar” Playing bonds properly.

Twitter had not yet been invented, so fans turned to writing in the studio and creating a website., A place where they could handle their grievances about Craig’s casting. Some even demanded the release of Pierce Brosnan.

The “Bond” casting director apologized to Craig.

Casting director Debbie McWilliams acknowledged the reaction and said she apologized for all the negative attention Craig received. “It was incredibly negative, I have to say,” said Williams. Missed. “The reaction from the press was horrible and I felt very sorry for him, but in a ridiculous way I think he insisted on his rudeness to prove almost everybody wrong. All the way through the film. , Things will come out. [how] He couldn’t walk and he couldn’t talk, he couldn’t run, he couldn’t drive properly, so many things that were completely and utterly wrong. And he just put his head down, started working and then the movie came out and everyone left, ‘Oh wow, I think we like it.

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Casino Royale received rave reviews.

Craig apparently proved his opponents wrong Casino Royale Went to the crap $ 167.4 million. At the box office, and his next three Bond films went beyond that. sky fall An impressive 304.4 million (it became the highest grossing James Bond film ever)

Critics and fans alike praised Craig’s performance. Casino Royale Christopher O’Rourke wrote, “But for now, Bond fans have – for the first time in a long, long time. Atlantic Ocean. Casino RoyaleOf Rotten Tomato Page It was also full of applause from fans, including a review by a user named Mr. Ann, saying, “Daniel Craig’s first film was 007, which he pulled out of the park. A very grounded, smart, realistic James Bond movie. Casino Royale is the best Bond movie for most fans and I can honestly see this movie as my movie. Daniel Craig is the best bond since Sean Connery.

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Fans react to Daniel Craig’s emotional video

15 years after the release of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s Swan Song is upon us. And the fans who were ever angry with his casting? They are nowhere to be found, or at least in the shadow of Bond fans. Like Chris Evans. Sharing their grief over Craig’s departure.

Twitter user Greg Alba said Craig’s farewell video. “Extremely touching” Twitter user Jonathan Spencer admitted that he will remember Daniel Craig as a bond. “much more”. Reporter Clint Watts even went so far as to announce that he had become a James Bond fan because of Daniel Craig.

Author and Twitter user Shona kept things simple:

Although there may be different opinions about the audience. There is no time to die. When it comes down to it, one thing is for sure – no one seems ready to say goodbye to Daniel Craig.

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Sam Hagen
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