Fans reacted to Birdman by saying that he paid Drake, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj ڈالر 1.4 billion after closing a huge record deal.

It’s good to be friends with your label boss.

Just ask Nikki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne, who paid a hefty nine figures after Cash Money founder Birdman terminated his contract with Universal Music Group.

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As fans already know, Minaj, Wayne, and Drake were all signed to Young Money / Cash Money, with UMG acting as their distributor.

In a recent interview. With rebellion Big facts podcast.While Birdman did not say what the deal was with Universal, it distributed a staggering تقریبا 1.4 billion among its artists list.

“We all become hundreds of millions,” said the music executive. “When Universal gave me a bag, I can honestly say, I gave Van about $ 400 million to $ 500 million. Drake got about 500 500 million and Nikki got -4 300-400 million out of my pocket. No hat.

He continued, “You don’t believe me, just ask them.”

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In the same interview, Birdman also addressed these infamous photos of him. Sharing a kiss with the van., Which at one point forced people to speculate on whether the couple was romantically involved.

Well, according to hip hop honcho, it can’t go beyond the truth.

“I always looked at the van as my son … because I was on the streets and I thought it might be the last time they saw me,” he said. “This is where the shit really started. I thought, ‘Every night I go, I’ll probably never come back.’

Fans were amazed at Birdman’s generosity in distributing billions of dollars with three of his close friends and longtime colleagues.

Needless to say, Minaj, Drake, and Wayne have fortunately earned Birdman through their respective successful careers.

Both Minaj and Drake have sold more than 100 million records in 11 years, while Van has reportedly shipped 120 million units.

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Lil Wayne’s complicated history with Cash Money Records and Birdman explained.

Their father had an enviable relationship with their son that the music world had never seen.

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