Fans reacted to Connor McGregor and MGK swinging together in the VMA.

The red carpet was full of glitter, glamor and grapes.

MGK and Connor (1)
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Machine guns Kelly and Connor McGregor were seen participating in a physical altercation on the red carpet during the VMAs. Connor seemed confused and thought he was in the ring for a second.

She brought a machine gun. Girlfriend Megan Fox Which later introduced him and Travis Barker together. Courtney Kardashian. Connor McGregor came with his fianc ڈیe De Devlin and later. Justin Bieber was named Artist of the Year..

News of the fighting erupted on the red carpet like a fire of war and several videos surfaced in which security was stepping in to break it. The event hadn’t even started yet. The drama had already hit the 2021 VMAs..

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Connor McGregor loses it.

Connor threw his drink Kelly and Fox on the VMAs.

After the argument, Kelly and Fox were seen arguing over what happened and they seemed completely unaware of it. Later that night, Kelly won the Best Alternative award.

“They made a fuss and then it settled down and Connor went to it again,” he said. According to Page Six, a source said.He added that photographers at the event were “unhappy” and “saying they were going to boycott Connor because they were worried that MGK and Megan would not walk the red carpet.”

Thankfully, Fox and Kelly didn’t stop. By removing the red carpet

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MGK and Connor post quarrel

Kelly gasped, tapped the microphone, and pulled Megan inside, “We’re not allowed to talk about it.”

Connor McGregor claims that nothing happened and that this is just a rumor. “I only fight real fighters – the ones who actually fight. I definitely don’t fight small vanilla ice white rappers.

Fans react to the fight

Two impossible names are coming together.

Apparently, MGK refused to take a picture with Connor, so he lost it.

Connor allegedly started swinging his cane at Kelly.

Finally, a clip of Troy Seven who can’t believe what he saw on the red carpet.

At this point, there is no concrete evidence of what the argument provoked, but speculation is that McGregor asked Kelly for a photo, which he rejected.

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