Fans reacted to the sudden split between Jason DeRolo and Gina Froomes after the birth of their son.

After the birth of their son, fans thought their love story was just beginning, but five months later, it officially ended.

Jason DeRolo and Gina Froomes.
By: Instagram.

Jason Derulo and. His one-year-old girlfriend has officially separated. After the birth of your child Gina Froomes and Jason DeRolo. Five months ago, he welcomed his son Jason King into the world … and the relationship has already ended.

“Gina and I have decided to separate,” DeRolo tweeted.She is an amazing mother. But we feel that being apart at this time will allow us to be the best version of ourselves and the best parent. Please respect our privacy at this time, “he concluded.

The news comes as a shock to many who have been following TikTok quarantine for days. He appeared in several dance videos with Edison Roy, Charlie de Emilio, and members of the Sleep House.

Of Wild love The artist became a tick tock sensation. With 26-year-old model and inspirational, Gina, at the top of her big singing career. Unfortunately, the days of dancing and singing with them are over.

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Jason and Gina on Tuck Talk.

Jason DeRolo’s breakup statement.

After this tweet, everyone quickly ran to the comments and told the pop star how they felt.

One user wrote, “Men can be numb.

Another commented on the defense, “The fact is that he told you to respect their privacy and here you all go in these comments. We don’t know anything literally but what they show us, So stop acting like you all know how long they’ve been together or how Gina or Jason feel about the whole situation. “Someone wrote backing them,” Well said! Jason and Gina don’t need to explain anything to either of us. ”

After the birth of their child, they both felt as if nothing could break them. Social media can be such a blessing and a curse.

Froome shared a sweet post about her baby after the birth, “A Glimpse of My First Week with Our Healthy Beautiful King” Life is so meaningful now and I’m so grateful. I love the little boy so much that he is everything I never knew. You asjasonderulo forever. ”

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Baby Jason King.

“Happy Father’s Day my love, we love you forever and ever as jasonderulo 🥰”

Love shows you how beautiful the world is

Best wishes to Gina and Jason!

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Jason DeRolo’s mansion is not just massive … it’s disturbing.

He has been living in the mansion with his girlfriend Gina since 2014. It has everything you can think of.

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