Fans said “no time to die” to effectively represent dissatisfaction.

with. New James Bond movie There is no time to die.Outside, many fans are happy to see Daniel Craig return to character for the last time.

Despite the ratio, an element of the film, directed by Kerry Fukunaga, has caught the public’s attention. The film, which has been associated with villains for some time, has been criticized for its negative portrayal of the face.

James Bond: ‘No time to die’ Criticism of the portrayal of injustice.

There are two villains in the film, portrayed by Rami Malik and Christoph Waltz, who are ugly. According to disability campaigners, this reinforces negative stereotypes about people who are deformed.

“Every time a new James Bond film is made, the producers are asked to reconsider the representation of their distortion. Each time, they say they don’t care. The new film, out this week, no. There are no exceptions. This time, with two villainous facial expressions. We’re lucky, “activist Jane Campbell wrote on Twitter after the film’s premiere.

Campbell added, “Everyone knows that ridicule = Willie Tropp is harmful. That’s why @FaceEquality launched the #IAmNotYourVillain campaign, and why the BFI later said it would not fund films that were visual.” Use the difference as a marker of villain. ”

Her thread was liked 12.8K times. He went on to say that the argument that distortion is used as a “literary tradition” is not acceptable.

I am too tired to use the excuse of ‘this is just a literary tradition’. I myself am a writer and have been working in the book industry for fifteen years. It’s part of my job to talk to publishers about how to represent disability and stigma. “We have a long way to go,” Campbell said.

The production team has not yet responded to the controversy.

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Who’s going to play Bond next?

There is no time to die. This is Craig’s last appearance as an English spy. This means that the search for a new 007 continues, with a few names being added to the cap.

Idris Alba, recently visited. Suicide Squad., Among the fans who would like to see as 007., With choice Gentleman Jack. Star Soren Jones and Killing Eve. Co-starring Judy Comer, As well as MCU actress Lasana Lynch, who performs. There is no time to die. As Naomi, an 00 agent who entered active service shortly after Bond’s retirement was assigned the number 007.

Whoever can finish the studio casting, here’s hoping that the new bond will not be against the stereotypical villain that harms the disabled.

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Bond Girl Anna de Armas via Instagram.
Anna de Armas received rave reviews for her role as Bond Girl in ‘No Time to Die’.

The actress described her role as a CIA agent as the most “bad **” bond girl in franchise history.

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