Fans salute Billy Elish after winning the ‘Best Latin’ category at the VMA.

News of the MTV Video Music Awards has resonated on the Internet ever since they took place in Hollywood last night. And Bailey Elish. Multiple wins during the event took home prizes for Best Video, Pop Video, Cinematography, Direction, and Latin Video.

But not everyone was happy for the lady who sang “Happy Than Ever”, especially in terms of winning for “Best Latin Video” as well. روزالا۔, With whom he collaborated on the track “Lo Was a Olivier”.

Twitter is inviting Elish along with his colleague, who belongs to the Latin heritage, to receive the award. One user wrote, “There’s no reason Billy and Rosalia really upset my soul about winning the best Latin. Two white women made a song in Spanish and are now recognized as the best Latin?!?”

Another tweeted, “I love cats but none of them are Latin, it’s a blatant disrespect to our community.”

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Another fan, confused about receiving the award for Alish and Rosala, wrote, “How would you make a category for the best Latin song and then let non-Latin artists win …”

Elish also made headlines for this in VMAs. Casual wearBut criticism does not seem to have stopped him. Considering the award show. On instagramThe star wrote, “Thank you so much for last night !!

Some fans pointed out that the “bad guy” singer’s nomination and accusation of winning a controversial award made no sense. One wrote, “Vimas shouldn’t have nominated the cat for the best Latin in the first place. Don’t be mad at the cat.”

Another pointed out that the track won because fans voted for it themselves, tweeting, “People should have voted for something else if they didn’t want Billy and Rosalia to sing the best Latin song.” Win in the category. ”

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However, others pointed out that “Lou Vass a Oliveider” bears more resemblance to “Spinglish” than “real Latin music”, with one user pointing out that “two non-Latin women won the best Latin category while the real Latinos are making real Latin music there but not getting anything.

Another fan was just thankful that the acceptance of Elish’s “Latin Video” award was not televised during the VMAs live event. They Written“Imagine Bailey Ilish picking up the best Latino alone because Rosalia wasn’t there, no wonder she didn’t air the award.”

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