Fans say Craig Ferguson risked his career with this bold move

Although Craig Ferguson finally left his late night gig as a talk show host, he left behind a considerable legacy. While not everyone was always thrilled with Craig’s behavior on set, fans were sad to see him walk away from talk shows.

In fact, some fans have speculated that Craig risked his career a lot when it wasn’t necessary. This is why fans praise Ferguson when he was in the spotlight and his stake in fame.

Craig Ferguson’s guests weren’t always ordinary

Undoubtedly, the Craig Ferguson Show has had a lot of high-profile celebrity appearances. He even flirted openly with a long guest list (and some seemed to enjoy it).


But as Redditors pointed out, Craig also had many unconventional guests. on his show. In particular, one fan commented, “He is actively trying to invite guests who will educate and educate the public.”

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Fans claimed that Craig did not have just about getting viewers to tune in to big names, suggesting that his goal was “not just to entertain or pander to those promoting their latest film.”

An example of his relatively “daring” approach to talk show? Redditor reminded everyone that Craig once invited Dr. Cornell West to a show and “dedicated the entire show to discussing the problems facing blacks in America in honor of Black History Month.”

That’s not the only reason fans praise Craig Ferguson’s time. Late show, although.

Craig defended Britney Spears years ago

Fans also don’t have to look far for other signs that Craig Ferguson is, by most metrics, a pretty tough guy. After all, he defended Britney Spears during the crisis from CBS’s desire instead of cracking jokes about her.

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At the time, there weren’t many celebrities willing to speak out in support of Spears, which in many ways made Craig Ferguson a lone wolf. Some have even likened him to a leave Britney alone viral fan.

Thing is, Craig knows what it’s like to go through difficult times, and that may be the key to why he was like that. Human while running her talk show.

Glory was not easy for Craig

Although Craig is now worth $ 30 million, it didn’t necessarily come easy for him. Before becoming famous, Ferguson underwent training to become an electronic technician.

Apparently, it did not work out, because later he worked at a construction site when he visited the United States. Craig dabbled in other side jobs, including being a bouncer and playing (poorly) in a band.

Finally, he found his place in acting and talk show host, working on everything from animated films (he voiced the character in How to train your dragon series) to game shows, most recently.

This is not to say that Craig did not work hard to get to where he is, and the sailing was not easy.

Craig Ferguson had his own problems

Most fans may not realize this – and some may even joke that the Scottish American is drunk because of his past – but Ferguson is a recovering alcoholic.

According to Wikipedia, Craig drank his last alcoholic drink in 1992., something that he is clearly proud of.

Craig also had personal problems of a different kind; he was married three times and shared custody of one already grown son with his ex-wife (his current marriage is not broken and began in 2008).

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Not that divorce is always traumatic, but Craig is definitely not one to judge others’ relationships. or personal struggle with substances or other “demons”.

In fact, his ability to laugh at himself is something that fans also admire and what they think is a sign that he is “an ordinary person.”

Fans say Craig Ferguson has a heart

Perhaps Craig Ferguson’s confidence is one of that has helped him stay at the top of the nightly charts for so long. After all, fans say he is one of the few (if not the only) hosts with enough eggs / hearts to defend what he thinks is right.

After so many criticisms of other hosts on various shows (such as the awkward story of Matt Lauer’s interview or Oprah’s awkward questions to Dolly Parton), it’s almost refreshing to hear that Craig is the lesser of the few evils in the host world.

He is certainly not perfect, and not every viewer will agree with his comedy genre (he does lean in a certain way politically). But fans are still fighting for Craig and say that he is one in a million, a master with a heart of gold.

ThoughIt is clear that Craig was not completely perfect. He did have a penchant for joking about a lot of things, including one of his team members …

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