Fans say the reason behind Britney Spears’ latest snap was the closure of Instagram.

An American singer He broke the internet once again with a brand new image of his back and a point.

Singer, Finally free from his father’s involvement in his own conservatism., Wearing a red underwear, posted a picture behind it, which fans said is why Instagram went down yesterday (October 4).

Britney Spears tells haters to kiss her … and fans love her.

Spears did not come out to play in his latest Instagram post. Of … Children again Singer Just telling haters what to do while simultaneously treating his devoted followers with a good image of him in their underwear.

“PSSS you heard me … kiss him

Fans reacted in the best possible way, suggesting that Spears had to collectively resume IRL conversations around the world as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were shut down for six hours yesterday.

“We now officially know what the Internet has broken down today,” one fan commented on the post.

“The best comment ever,” someone else wrote.

“Britney broke Instagram,” was another comment.

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Fans suggest Britney Spears just switches to Instagram.

And this is not the first time. The Princess of Pop has posted several pictures recently. She is topless and even completely naked., With floral emojis to cover her private parts.

The singer is seen celebrating her newly acquired independence, with one commenter saying, “What we saw in poison, minus diamonds.”

While most fans are eating it, some are grabbing their pearls, and others are warning Spears that its highly exposed images could ban it from the app.

Comments like “Miss Brit You Boot To Suspended” Others “Free The Nippon !!!!!!” Sank as fast as

One fan’s idea was more popular (approximately 30,000) than Paris Hilton. It sits at the top of Britney’s comments section and reads: “QUEEN U GOTTA START CHARGING FOR THESE OUR EYES AINT WORTHY.”

“Mom just starts a fan that literally explodes the internet.” Suggests another comment with 19,800 likes.

The Britney Army agreed in hundreds and thousands, “If she joins, only the fan site will break down” and “I’ll pay for the exact same thing.”

Adult entertainers are already cheering her on the app, like Nellie Ashley who wrote “Britney! Start Online Fans” and Riley Reid who asked “Coulib Online Fans ?!”

Some people wanted to keep Britney’s blasphemous content free, and everyone subscribed to “Shut up”, “SHHHH”, or if Britney decided to leave IG only for fans. Is called to pay.

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