Fans think this is the funniest moment in the history of “Freaks”

MTV is known for many things, including some of the fantastic original shows it has brought to life over the years. One of these original shows was Freaks, which marked the beginning of the classic franchise. The guys on the show struck up friendships, got into fights, and were completely overwhelmed by doing funny stunts.

There are many Freaks content for fans, and it’s all pretty fun in and of itself. However, only one moment can claim to be the funniest of all.

Let’s hear what the fans chose as the funniest Freaks moment of all time.


“Freaks” is a fun franchise

In October 2000, MTV was successful with a small show called Freaks… The show was on a different level from what people had seen before, and it ended up catching on with audiences of all ages.

With names like Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Bam Margera, Freaks was an instant success that turned his lead roles into major stars. Over the years, the franchise has grown into a ruthless force that has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars. The television show was a hit, the films were successful, and even the subsequent spin-offs were a big hit as well.

To say the franchise was hilarious would be an understatement, and its stars have taken their chunks, all in the name of fans’ amusement.

Despite a long absence, the franchise is making a triumphant return, and there are tons of rumors about what fans are gearing up to see on the big screen.

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The fourth film is on the way

For fans of the franchise fourth Freaks the film is what they have been looking forward to for a long time. Alas, it is finally not far off after being postponed several times and there is a lot of hype surrounding the film.

Rather than just sticking to the usual command, there will be a few new faces, and it certainly looks like this movie is going to be the passing of the torch. After all, the prime crew has been doing this for over 20 years now, and at some point it was time to wrap up.

According to Knoxville, this will be his last Freaks rodeo.

“You can only risk so many times before something irreversible happens. I feel very lucky that I took a chance and still walk. ” he said

Sadly, Bam Margera won’t be around, but more importantly, fans are hoping that Bam is healthy and doing well in his personal life.

The new movie is sure to give fans nostalgia, and there is debate over which moment is the best in the franchise’s history. Some fans have proudly expressed their opinions on this matter.

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Bam’s high-five prank could be the funniest trick in history

So what’s the funniest moment in history some fans think? Freaks? Well, there were a few strong contenders, but one user on Reddit brought up a classic rally that brought them tons of votes.

“The prank” High five “, when Bam instantly goes from vertical to horizontal,” – wrote the user.

Many people seemed to agree with this opinion, and it’s easy to see why. Looking at the shows, movies, and all the bonus footage that has come out over time, it’s almost impossible to find a moment as funny as this one. In particular, watching Bam Margera get completely crushed by a giant hand is insanely fun, and as such, some fans think it’s the best of all time.

On a separate thread, another user threw out some classics, with the latest idea featuring Switcheroo being the most visible.

“There are so many of them, one of them catches your eye, Bam and Ryan Dunn in those wobbly studio chairs, and Bams kept falling apart as Bam woke his parents up with fireworks. But when Preston dressed up as Phil and woke Bam’s mom up. switcheroo EDIT: when Preston says “what” and she goes crazy, it’s fun, ”they wrote.

Switcheroo is a really hilarious moment and the team delivered it brilliantly. If you’ve never seen it, we highly recommend that you check it out.

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While it may be difficult for some fans to pick their favorite moment, the ones that have been picked alongside others serve as strong contenders in any franchise conversation.

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