Fans think this is the worst thing Tony Suprano has done in the series.

There is so much about Tony Suprano who will not fly today.. But that’s kind of it. The character belonged to a different race, a different class of society, and he was considered an anti-hero … the ‘anti’ part was emphasized. During the six-year reign of The Supranos, the famous character of James Gandolphini did some really cruel things. When we see some shocking things in the new prequel film, The Mini Saints of New York, it turns pale compared to what Tony does in the series. While there Debate over the accuracy of the crowd show In real life, from the point of view of the story, all these horrible actions are meaningful.

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To this day, fans of the HBO show still discuss the best episodes, the most brutal murders, and, of course, the worst moments at the hands of Tony Suprano. However, the Internet points in one direction. This is the worst thing that Tony did to Supranus.

Runner-up is the worst thing Tony has ever done.

While you can endlessly psychologically analyze the reasons why Tony Suprano did these horrible things (and imagines the show), it ultimately boils down to the principles of his crowd world. Of course, you can’t mention the worst things Tony has done without talking about all the hereditary racism and homosexuality he has exposed. Then there is the fact that he betrayed Carmella and ruined his marriage and family life. But it’s yellower than Tony’s brutality when he was liberated by the mob world.

According to the best list of Watch Mojo.Most of the horrible things that Tony did in the series have to do with unwritten rules within the mafia. It involves killing people who turn away from their mob family, whether they are friends or biological families. There was no apology in Tony’s heart for those who changed him, including some of the most memorable and beloved characters in the series … Ahmed … Ahmed … Big P ****.

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But the power of the mob gave Tony the opportunity to do something terrifying and manipulative to characters who weren’t ready to go bad like him. A good example of this was Bobby (a member of a peace-loving mob) killing someone just because Tony felt he needed to. Tony has also brutally murdered some of the main characters for their wavering devotion to the mob. These are the moments that have taken part in it. The most important episodes of Supranus.

A special mention is needed for Adrena’s death. Although Christopher is part of the love death of his life and he blew them up in front of the police, it is Tony’s influence on Christopher that happens. It was also revealed that Tony slept with Christopher, primarily to sign Adriana’s death warrant. So, he not only cheated on his wife with a woman that his “nephew” fell in love with, but he also killed her.


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Killing Christopher was Tony’s worst thing.

According to Watch Mojo and fans on Reddit, the worst thing Tony Soprano did was kill Christopher. It is arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in Michael Imperioli’s beloved character from the very beginning of the show. Christopher could have lived a much better life if he hadn’t had Tony as his father. He could have left Jersey and started his film career. In fact, given his abilities, he could do anything. But his lifestyle as well as Tony’s emotional influence on him kept him in the crowd … He wanted to continue his aggressive life on several occasions, but as time went on he gave The Godfather Part 3 “Backed out,” he was quoted as saying.

It’s the infighting that opened the door for Christopher to become a customer, an issue that was exacerbated by Adriana’s death. His death came at the hands of both his addict and Tony himself when he crashed a car with them. Although Tony tried to call 911 for Christopher’s help, it was revealed that Christopher was addicted to drugs and would remain in prison.

Tony decided to suffocate Christopher there and then for two reasons. One, because his “nephew” (aka cousin removed) was a threat to his mob operation because of his addiction. And two, Tony thought Christopher was a danger to his child. While it wasn’t the most brutal death of the Supranus series, it was certainly the most emotional. And, so far, this is the worst thing Tony has ever done. Not only did he lead this young man into a violent, murderous life, but when the monster he created became so out of control, he felt he had no choice but to end things.

On top of Tony’s thematic and physical part in Christopher’s death, he actually seemed happy to do so. He was convinced that he was doing the right thing. And in his own twisted way, he was. But that’s what makes it even more offensive.

Clearly, the creator of Supranos, David Chase, still feels that this is the worst thing his main character has done. In his 2021 prequel film, he even told Christopher the story beyond the grave. In the story, Christopher is furious and even claims that Tony was the man for whom he “went to hell.”

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