Fans think this was the most awkward DMX interview ever.

Keanu Reeves said it best that he knows for sure about the afterlife, those who “love us, will miss us.” This was especially true when the DMX went down. He was the most popular celebrity of 2021, and for good reason, as millions of fans mourned his death. The rapper has always done his best with his fans.

Even in his final days, DMX spoke some impressive words with his ex-wife, telling her, “God sent me here for the world, so my voice will be stronger when I’m gone.”


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No doubt his legacy will live on, and even as he did awkward interviews, fans still supported him.

DMX tragically passed away in April 2021

Looking back at the top trends of 2021, we can say that the DMX name is at the very top of the list, as the rapper passed away tragically in April 2021.

His passing was spoken of by millions of fans around the world – obviously his influence was enormous, not only with his music, but also with his offstage words.

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The DMX team issued a declaration of his passing., one that totally shocked the fans.

“We are deeply saddened to announce today that our loved one, DMX, birth name Earl Simmons, has passed away at the age of 50 in White Plains Hospital with his family after being on life support for the past few days. … Earl was a warrior who fought to the very end. “

“Earl’s music has inspired countless fans around the world, and his iconic legacy will live on forever. We appreciate all the love and support during this incredibly difficult time. “

DMX was a big influence, especially in the way he treated people. The rapper has never had a big head and has not touched so many lives with just one short conversation.

Fans have countless stories of how good DMX is for them.

After DMX passed away, stories began to roll in Twitterremembering the rapper and his immense legacy. He touched so many fans, and according to Sheila Matthews, next to him Difficultthe late rapper helped her connect with her father, after 15 minutes of conversation meeting with him in the hotel lobby.

“He said ‘forgive him.’ I needed to hear it. Of all people, it came from someone I grew up listening to my father’s music, ”she continued.

“Sometimes at the moment you do not understand the meaning of the moment until it has passed. To this day, I am grateful to X for helping me learn to forgive. I pray that he will give himself grace – in this life and after it. His words and influence have left a deep legacy. “

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This was just the beginning as fans released countless other stories.

“Thinking back when DMX came to IHOP in Buffalo and asked if he could make omelets in the kitchen, it was like the most exciting thing that happened in our city this entire year.”

“When I met DMX, he was talking to a group of men who were homeless in Philadelphia. He was energetic and warm and so generous. This is how I will remember him. “

“When I was around 8, I got to know DMX when I was selling cookies to Girl Scout outside the grocery store. He bought two boxes and chatted with my mom and me for an hour. I told him I was trying to win a cookie sale. competition, he took out his wallet and bought about $ 500 worth of cookies. “

It is clear that the man always tried to give back.

DMX didn’t seem to be fully used during the backstage interview

By now, it is common knowledge that DMX has struggled with addiction. During a backstage interview years ago, it seems like the rapper may have been influenced.

He struggled to answer the questions, heck he looked completely taken aback when a fan who interviewed him said, “How am I doing?” Which was slang meaning how things were going.

That said, DMX was a cool game, just taking interviews altogether, even if he didn’t seem to be involved in it. Fans agree in the comments to YoutubeDMX was a cool performance even though it didn’t make much sense.

“I don’t care that he’s high and drunk, no one is perfect. I still love DMX my whole life. He speaks the truth. DMX FOR LIFE !!!

“Even when he’s drunk and high, he still makes sense and only speaks the truth to the big dog.”

The fan comments just show what a huge impact he has made on the world.

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