Fans Thought Hilary Duff Announced She Was Pregnant

TBH I understand the confusion.

Hilary Duff Fans were a little confused on Instagram yesterday!

Fraser Harrison / Getty Images

After posting a picture with her husband Matthew Koma, fans were wondering if she might be pregnant again.

In the selfie, Hillary can be seen sitting next to Matthew in an aeroplane.

Michael Kovac / Getty Images for Adopt Together

Hillary wrote in the caption accompanying the photo, “Going for a while… the three of us ️”.

Fans immediately jumped to the conclusion, believing that the third person she was referring to was an unborn child she was carrying.

It turns out that Hillary’s followers actually remember the couple’s friend Stephen Jenkins in the background of the photo!

Matthew replied in the comments section, “She’s talking about @stephanjenkins sitting behind us, you kids are crazy.”

While Hillary hasn’t spoken out about the situation, it’s safe to say she doesn’t have any kids on board.

Leon Bennett / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Hope Hilary and Matthew enjoy their trip with Stephen though!!

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