Fans trolled the Doja Cat Insect in VMAs.

Famous faces and those who wear fashion have always been hot topics at the MTV Video Music Awards, and this year, The host of the show, Doja Kate., Is the center of attention. It wasn’t the kind of attention she was getting. Fans are constantly trolling her, making fun of her appearance, and wondering what could motivate her to wear this weird outfit.

When Doja Kate took the stage for the first time, she was dressed in black and her long blonde hair was running down her back with blonde hair. Her make-up was on point, and fans were thrilled to see her.

Then, on one occasion, he wore some weird, big chicken legs, put a chair on his head, and the most tangled dress … he dressed like a worm. It’s going down like this. One of her embarrassing moments.

Doja Kate’s epic costume fails.

Most fans agree that Doja Kate is a beautiful, talented young woman who has had many years of artistic success in the music industry. Her beauty, performance skills, and brilliant voice really speak for themselves, so fans are confused as to why she would try to focus more on herself by wearing weird clothes.

She turned into a few objectionable outfits during the evening, but the one that really made the fans grumble was the buggy. At first, most people didn’t really know what it was supposed to be until he mentioned in his acceptance speech that he was dressed like a worm.

This is a huge costume failure, right there.

Secondly, in a room full of the top artists in the music industry, fans don’t think insect costumes were really necessary, nor do they see it.

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Fan Troll The Worm.

Insect clothing was very easy to enjoy. Fans trolled Doja Kate very harshly, especially considering that she accepted one of her VMA awards while wearing it.

“I look like a bug. It’s dope. I never thought I’d wear a bug while accepting the award.” Will use to describe

Fan comments include “What the hell was she thinking?” And “It’s the strangest thing I’ll ever remember, for all the wrong reasons.” “It’s really dumb. He did an amazing job accepting the award in costume. Really? He clearly Chose to wear something dumb. ”

Others wrote, “The double cat is very beautiful and very talented.

One fan even wrote, “Do you look stupid like f * & k”

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Second cat fashion.
These dodge cat Instagram photos are great to ignore.

Many fans of this rapper’s signature shiny dress (and matching personality) are obsessed with his style.

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