Fans want Cine West to post X-rays after Kenny West.

Rapper Kenny West Is back Her Instagram, Unfortunately sharing some terrible news. His son St. West. He has a broken arm that looks almost clean. The artist has not commented on the photos and has not posted them on any of his other social media accounts.

Following his posts, fans have commented on the photo congratulating his son. After one user commented, “Get well,” another commented, “Poor St.. He’ll be fine. My son broke his arm twice as a child. Makes them harder, better, faster, stronger.” Is.”

In addition to the fans, several rappers and colleagues expressed good wishes for St.’s recovery, including Lill Drop, Def Jam recording, and Tyrone Woodley.. However, Lil Drop’s character was removed from most of the comments, “Donda is not approved.”

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Although the X-rays show that these are pictures of St.’s arm, fans still think that the “flashing lights” rapper is showing pictures because of the size of his own arm. A user Tweeted“Oh wait, are they all centimeters? This is just the second and 3 pictures that look like an adult’s arm to me.”

Kim Kardashian first reported her broken arm on September 9. Her Instagram story. After sharing a picture of St. in a wheelchair, he captioned it, “Who do you think cried the most today? My baby broke his arm in a few places today. I’m not well.”

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St. West is the second of four children between Kardashian. Kardashian’s photos have been posted several times on Instagram and Twitter. He is also known for hanging out with the children of other celebrities, including. Beyonc And JZDaughter Blue Ave..

In addition to the broken arm, St. has had a number of health problems in the past. People Magazine. Reported in 2018. He was hospitalized for pneumonia. Her recent health problem arose in May, when she, her siblings and Kardashian were diagnosed with code-19.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, broken arms heal in an average of 4-6 weeks. Aside from her Instagram story, Kardashian has not talked about Western photos or talked about her son’s injury. As of this writing, the West has not mentioned anything else about the Senate, nor has it discussed X-rays.

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Low Kardashian Kanye West.
Kenny West fans joked that he was coming to the aid of children after Kim was declared a billionaire.

Kenny West is now worth 6. 6.6 billion, a new report has revealed.

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