Fans were heartbroken after her husband’s last-minute statement.

There are many fans. NeNe is showing support for Lex. After a heartbreaking statement Her late husband, Greg Lex.

With a recent feature. People Magazine., September 29, opened about Lex. Last moments She was able to share it with her husband until his death.

“The last five days after his death were really beautiful, all his children were there. His best friends were there. Our close friends were there. We all sat with him around the clock,” Lex said.

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Lex continued to highlight how, until her death, the couple “reconciled with her.” Was Lex’s husband. Fighting colon cancer since 2018. And so the idea of ​​loss was something the couple had become accustomed to.

Lex then explained how her husband had prepared her to go about his life after she left. He said, “He said to me, ‘If you go to my office and look at the wall, I’ll put an envelope on the wall.’ And so I went and looked at the wall and there was a Manila folder he had attached to the wall that said, ‘If anything ever happened to me, open it.’ ‘

He explained, “When I opened it he had a letter to Brent and he was telling us a few things, where we needed to pay for the goods and who was the accountant to talk to because we I didn’t know anything. And I thought to myself when I saw all the things he wrote and the things he left behind. There was so much power in him. ”

Lex also shared more personal and emotional aspects of saying goodbye to her beloved husband when she shared her farewell details. She said, “I told him I would not choose another husband. I said, ‘I’ve married you twice, crazy man.

Lex also shared details of her husband’s death when she explained that he had held her hand during his last breaths. Following the statement, fans took to Twitter to show their love and support. Many claimed to be heartbroken after Lex’s words of grief, stating that the statement “left them in tears”.

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For example, one said, “I’m really scared of her flexibility. It’s really impressive. Hopefully she’ll keep recovering.” This video is very moving. ”

Others even. Share your stories of loss and grief. As he stood with Lex during this incredibly difficult time.

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