Fans were shocked to learn that Madonna has body problems

When people hear the name “Madonna”, people often think not only of her sensational music career, but also of her confidence and fearless approach to fashion.

Over the years, Madonna has become synonymous with lewd outfits and clothes that have been dubbed “too revealing” or revealing for her age. However, the star has never been shy about shocking fans and wearing whatever she wants, regardless of age.

Sometimes her outfits are met with praise, but often fans find her too big, and recently they felt the need to remind her that she’s not ’20’ anymore when she posts playful snaps.


Madonna’s specialty is that she inspires all women to break the norms set for them by society and wear what they want. Women look up to Madonna and want to be Madonna because who doesn’t want to be super confident and look as fantastic as she does at 63?

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Madonna reminds everyone that what women should and shouldn’t wear is not a law but a standard set by society that only “young” and “beautiful” slim women should wear revealing clothes and show off their bodies while how women of a certain age should remain closed.

Not everyone likes Madonna’s self-confidence

Madonna gets a mix of praise and vicious comments when it comes to some of her status-defying outfits. Kathy Piper, British TV presenter, commented on the “strength” of one of Madonna’s photos, to which she received a response from @sn8rules: “POWER FAILURE … Looks like a couple of painted guys.”

Usually when Madonna gets this kind of backlash, she goes all out to give it her all. In December 2021, rapper 50 Cent made fun of her naughty bedroom photos, but Madonna fought back by dragging 50 Cent’s apology into an Instagram live feed using a cartoon filter and branding 50 Cent’s apology as “bull**t” and “fake”. .”

“You were trying to shame me,” Madonna said. “You tried to humiliate me. Your apology is false, it’s bullshit and invalid.”

Madonna cannot be found fault, she can fight back with caustic language. When it comes to her outfits and reactions to trolls and online bullies, Madonna leads the way, showing her fans that the best answer is to be yourself and defy the norm.

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Madonna has an amazing figure, so it’s no wonder she flaunts it.

She never seemed to care about the backlash or criticism she often gets from people online, which is why fans were shocked to learn that Madonna was struggling with what all women have struggled with at some point in their lives: body issues.

Madonna admits she struggles with her body

IN 2014, Women Health quoted Madonna as saying she had a “love-hate relationship”. with her body.

“Some days I’m happy with it, and other days… Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with the body of Gisele Bündchen, so you have to work on it – but that’s okay,” Madonna admitted at the grand opening of one of her fitness centers. GYM’s.

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Madonna’s candid disclosure in an interview about her relationship with her body only made her fans respect her even more. In the comment section of the Entertainment Tonight interview, there was an outpouring of love for the “Like A Virgin” singer, where she admired her body and called her “QUEEN!”

One commenter said: “Madonna was, is and always will be the Queen of Pop! Deal with it, haters!!!’

Not all of Madonna’s followers support her

But Madonna’s Instagram highlights the sad truth that women can’t win no matter what they wear. One commenter said in response to Madonna’s stunning photo, which is rather boring for a pop star: “Another, another, another Instagram photo shoot with a fake face. FREE MADONNA! Free yourself from the need to be forever young.

Women spend so much time trying to achieve incredible standards of beauty, to look younger in a society that favors beautiful women, only to back off and say they should “look their age.”

The lesson here is that society will always have something to say, but Madonna has the right idea of ​​living honestly, openly and wearing clothes that make her feel comfortable and happy.

The queen of pop has learned a lesson that takes most people years to learn and learn; what other people think doesn’t matter, and certainly shouldn’t define your life.

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Madonna is living her best life, spending it with the people she loves and (hopefully) not letting the haters get to her.

Online, she looked like she had a magical Christmas with her beautiful kids, and it’s clear Madonna knows how to have some fun as she shared a heartfelt video on Tik-Tok dancing to Olly Murs’ “Dance With Me Tonight.” with her children.

You can learn a lot from Madonna. Following Madonna’s example, all that matters is having fun with the family and maintaining inner happiness. Madonna will continue to shock her fans, for which they love her. There is never a dull moment with Madonna!

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