Farmer Wants a Wife 2022: James Weir Recaps Episode 7

One of the Farmer Wants a Wife contenders does the smartest thing we’ve ever seen on a dating show on a Tuesday night when she thinks all the contestants aren’t good enough and quits the competition entirely.

This is an inspiring moment. But then, since this is a reality show that was already tied to a tight broadcasting schedule, the producers drag her back into the competition to date a few more random contestants that the broadcasters had the foresight to pick on the street.

The forced back flip really knocks the spark out of her triumphant performance. It’s like when you throw a tantrum at the David Jones counter to successfully get a cash refund for a five-month-old purchase, and triumphantly walk away only to find yourself stuck in a maze of clothes racks trying to find your way out.

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We are still on an overnight camping trip. Boo! But a bunch of people are about to be abandoned and forced to find their way back to civilization. Hooray!

Farmer Will, Farmer Benjamin, Farmer Harry, and Farmer Ben select random chickens to spend 24 hours in the caravan with. Gross. We can almost feel the vinyl of the kitchen sofa sticking to the back of our thighs.

What happens to the remaining ladies who are not chosen for a date? They are sent back to their farms in the back of a HiLux.

But they don’t feel bad. All they’re missing are the homemade mud baths that the manufacturers stole. Bachelor.

Hot Tip: Romantic dates shouldn’t involve smearing brown stuff on each other.

Then it’s Farmer Page’s turn to choose her boyfriend for a 24-hour date. As the only female farmer, she should have had the best selection of participants. The producers had to dig around to find enough shaelas to distribute among the boys. But for Paige, she got the best choice. Or not.

Somehow, after just two weeks, she only had two boyfriends left. A guy named Dylan who she kind of likes, but when she told him last night that she likes him, his response was basically, “Ha, yeah, no, cool, but…yeah, I don’t know.”

And then there’s Glenn. He likes Paige, but Paige doesn’t like him. We don’t know why. He is so funny. Why is fun such a great quality in Santa Claus, but not what we’re looking for on Tinder profiles? Calm guy. I love Sunday beer and Arvo on the couch. Hiking is life. Happy.

Let’s hear it for the funny boys.

Either way, Paige is no longer interested in any of the remaining guys. It’s like they doused themselves in some romantic version of Bushman mosquito spray. So Jupe.

“I want love. And I need that potential for love,” Paige says, standing in front of the boys at a public campground.

“What I need to do is listen to myself. And… today I’m not really going to ask any of the gentlemen to go on a date with me. I made the decision to send both boys home.”

Both boys are sitting in their sad lounge chairs and they don’t care:

Paige doesn’t care too much either:

Host Natalie Gruzlewski seems the most devastated:

Paige and the two junkies then have to drag all their camping gear onto a sponsored Rav4 and silently return to town.

“That means your love story ends here!” Natalia calls Paige.

Is this a threat, Natalie? Because you’re not the boss of this show anymore. Now that Samantha Armitage has agreed to appear on this program as Australia’s new darling, we will deal exclusively with her.

Once everyone is washing off the dirt that was put on their bodies during the 24-hour dates, the farmers return to town where Samantha is waiting to drive her bulldozer through their dreams, introducing the new members.

We haven’t seen this lady in a few days, but now it all makes sense. She worked hard. We watch as overlay footage plays showing Sam hanging out in the home office of her Bowral estate, looking through the dating profiles she had the film crew print out for her.

Samantha calls all the farmers to a random homestead, including Paige. This farmeretta was not going to run away easily. The producers set the shepherds on her when she tried to escape, and now she’s back, sneaking up on two new guys that Samantha chose for her personally.

This is amazing. Personally, I would like to give full control of my Grindr profile to Samantha.

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