Farmer Wants a Wife 2022: James Weir Recaps Episode 8

One of the city girls on Farmer Wants a Wife experiences the worst birthday of her life when the man she’s in love with neglects that special day and brings home a random new girl he secretly throws a raucous party with in the blink of an eye . sadder than when one of the other ladies is invited to dinner at the Ampol service station.

Is the cruel act the work of dastardly producers? At first we don’t believe. But then they record a heartbreaking moment to Miley Cyrus’ emotional 2013 hit Wrecking Ball. We can only imagine the vicious clucking coming from that TV editing booth.

Several girls also dropped out tonight. But these commemorations are forgotten… just like Leisha’s birthday.

All the farmers go home with new contestants given to them by Australia’s favorite Samantha Armistage. This show would be nowhere without Sam. Tired of the many singles chosen by the producers, Samantha took it upon herself to step in and find a group of intruders. I watched an entire show in which Samantha drove around random streets in her Range Rover, pointing out strangers and rating them out of 10.

But drama is coming. None of the original members know about the newcomers

Farmer Benjamin brings his stray dog ​​home to other girls. And that’s not disrespectful terminology – he actually brings home a stray dog. together with an attacker. The new girl even named the puppy Skjegg, Swedish for beard. Not everyone appreciates creativity.

“I think the dog’s name is Quif or Greg,” Erin says, unimpressed.

Crossed fingers this is is a clip they’re showing tomorrow on Sunrise so we can hear Kochi asking Nat what a quif is.

At Farmer Ben’s diner, the excitement spreads throughout the clapboard shack. At first we think the ancient tin roof is about to collapse, but then we realize it’s Leish just running around telling everyone it’s her birthday.

“Today is my birthday!” she runs away and sniffs a fresh bouquet of flowers.

All night she dreamed about what surprises awaited her. What special gesture will come from Ben? Maybe he’ll take her on a beautiful solo date to celebrate her, and they can have a really intimate moment together – just the two of them. Or maybe he’s one of those guys who likes big gestures – the more in public the better. He might be planning to do something spectacular in front of all the other girls.

But when the morning light comes in through the kitchen windows and she walks around the house, Ben is nowhere to be seen. Soon we hear the rumble of his car rolling across the lawn. She runs out to greet him. Maybe he got up early and drove into town to buy her a special coffee and a croissant for her birthday.

Or maybe he brings another random girl.

“I’m Kiani!” the intruder jumps out of Ben’s truck.

Leish – blim-fib-ab.

As Ben gathers all the girls around the patio table, Leish waits for him to wish her a happy birthday. He does not know.

“What are we doing today?” one of the girls asks.

Maybe that’s when Ben will make everyone happy with how he plans to pamper Leish generously on her birthday…

“I’ll show Kiani the farm,” he shrugs.

“Yeah, nice,” Leish says, perhaps too quickly.

Ben looks at Leish like she’s a complete stranger. To him, she could be Greg or Quif.

Then he looks at his new obsession. “Alright Kiani… do you want to go?”

Leish is desperate. Everyone forgot about her birthday. Away from the group, in a clip in front of the camera, she begins to spiral.

“You can clearly see the connection between him and Kiani, and we had a strong connection a few weeks before them and we shared a kiss, so… um…” she cries. “Yeah…”

She turns away from the camera and covers her face.

Returning to the patio table, she decides to make some subtle hints.

“I wonder what else awaits us today,” she sighs.

What else is in store during the day? A lot of everything!

“Pick up the poop, put it in a jar,” the girls squatting in a random cow pen are instructed.

Leish blue for the rest of the day. Not that she was asking for anything extravagant, just some special time with the guy she sacrificed her whole life for. She would even agree to dine at the local Ampol servo, where farmer Benjamin invited Madeleine for a romantic dinner.

After her birthday was ignored all day, Leisha was finally dragged out to the patio. On holiday? No. It’s an elimination dinner, so Ben decides to question her if she’ll really move out of Brisbane if he chooses her, or if she’s just a big liar.

“I would hate to go through this with you… fall in love with you… and you realize you’re not ready to move out of Brisbane,” he says sternly.

The only thing more offensive is the harsh yellow patio lighting. Happy birthday Leish!

But it is Kiani who steals the birthday cake. Later in the night, after Ben cancels the elimination ceremony and leaves all the girls, Kiani sneaks into the noisy room in the dark of the night and stabs him, which the producers score to the chorus of the Miley Cyrus song Wrecking Ball. We’re guessing they’re trying to reconcile this with the fact that Kiani and Ben are crushing Leish’s heart like a crush ball. Such highly intellectual symbolism should be studied in universities.

In any case, the icing on the cake would be if the producer told Leish that she was in for a birthday surprise in a noisy room, so she would throw open the doors and slip inside, expecting to find the secret party only to witness the kiss.

Cruel, yes. But her day was already ruined anyway.

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