Father Charged In The Death Of Mother Fatally Shot By Toddler Son While On Zoom Call

In August, a mother shot her young son during a zoom call. So now the father has been arrested.

According to Mountain, Altamonte Springs Police announced the arrest of Veondre Avery.

He is now charged with “negligent genocide and unsafe stockpiling of firearms,” ​​The Hill reported.

The father said, “I have literally just come home and I come into the room. [and] My girlfriend who was working on the computer is just lying down and there is blood everywhere.

As mentioned earlier.Shamaya Lin, 21, was on a work-related zoom call when she was shot by her child, Altamonte Springs Police said in a statement.

At Shamia’s work, a man called 911 when he saw Shamia see a child in the background. Other participants in the meeting heard a noise, according to a police statement.

It is also reported that the gun was found in a petrol bag.

According to NBC News, the gun control advocacy group Every Town for Gun Safety, at least 369 children under the age of 18 opened fire last year, killing 142 people.

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