Favorite episodes of The Simpsons creator Matt Groening make sense

After The Simpsons broke the record for the longest-running animated sitcom for the most episodes, Matt Groening interviewed Guinness Book of Records, where he revealed how proud he is and if he has a favorite record out of over 700 released. “Ah, I love a lot of the earliest episodes, especially with Lisa. When Lisa first met Bleeding Rubber Murphy, her saxophone mentor, I was amazed that the show can actually be touching, given how vividly the characters are drawn.” The design of the characters in the early days is very different from what they look like three decades later, but despite their unique looks, the home audience still responded to the characters in a meaningful way, which meant a lot to the creator.

AT Entertainment Weekly In a 1990 review of The Simpsons, Ken Tucker believed that the character’s design was one of the many reasons fans liked the series so much. He described the series as “the most complex American family, drawn as simple cartoons. It’s this neat paradox that causes millions of people to turn their backs on the three major networks on Sunday nights to focus on The Simpsons.”

When Groening worked on the early stuff he loves so much, he certainly never thought the show would make it into the record books, and it makes sense that he chose the chapters that made The Simpsons everyone’s favorite series. a family.

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