Fear the Walking Dead character depends on your zodiac sign

If you are an Aquarius (those born between January 20th and February 18th), we regret to inform you that your Fear the Walking Dead character is cult leader and serial killer Theodore Maddox, or “Teddy”. However, despite all the murders and iconic behavior, Teddy is an impressive individual. Aquarians are the intellectuals of the zodiac, and Teddy is the perfect example of someone who is perhaps too smart for his own good. Those born under this air sign tend to be incredibly creative. Unfortunately for everyone on his fringes, Teddy’s creativity takes him down a dark path that takes him past a zombie tree on his way to total insanity.

Despite his restless and twisted state of mind, Teddy is nothing short of ambitious and loves to introduce new people to his doomsday cult. He is great at thinking outside the box and launching perhaps the best guerrilla apocalypse marketing campaign with his “The End is the Beginning” graffiti. And like every good Aquarius, Teddy always has something up his sleeve. Between building hidden bunkers and launching nukes, old Ted remains pretty busy for a retiree.

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