Film Independent Sets Episodic Lab Participants For 2022 –

Film Independent has announced participants and projects for its sixth annual Episodic Lab – an intensive program designed to provide individual story and career development for emerging television writers with original pilots. List Christopher Aw (Clothing and data), Miguel Orozo and Boris Rodriguez (East Los Angeles), Terry Dawson (The MakbahG. G. Hawkins (The Killing Podcast), Sarah Mukh (Room 099), and the duo of Ben Gonzales and Erica Bardin (The Dead).

This year’s Lab will be a two-week virtual program that will introduce fellows to industry veterans who can offer guidance on both the craft and business of writing episodic content as they advance their fellows’ careers. Through personal feedback from experienced exhibitors, creative producers and executives, fellows will gain the tools to revise and refine their pilots and navigate the changing industry landscape. A final networking and pitch event will then give participants the opportunity to introduce themselves and their work to studio and network executives.

2022 Episodic Lab creative advisors and guest speakers include Linda Yvette Chavez, Silka Luisa, Ruby Pickering, Rebecca Sonnenshine, Ligia Villabos, Patrick Magill, Stacey Rokeyser, Jessica Shulman, Mark Monier, Eliza Gurney, Laura Chelley, E. Lavie, Avila Included. Miura Kite, Ellen Shanman, Kelly Kulchik and Sheila Hanahan-Taylor. The lab’s founding sponsor, Netflix, will pair each fellow with an industry advisor and provide them with opportunities to learn from the showrunners behind the series.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Film Independent on their signature program for emerging television writers,” said Peter Friedlander, Netflix’s VP of Scripted Series, US and Canada. are “We look forward to supporting these eight talented writers in the coming weeks.”

Film Independent also announced that it will award this year’s Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant to 2022 Lab Fellow AU, who will receive a $20,000 grant to support the development of its pilot. Clothing and data. Awarded to distinguished writers whose screenplays integrate science or technology themes and characters into dramatic stories, the Sloan Episodic Lab Grant is part of the Foundation’s nationwide film program to advance the public’s understanding of science and technology. is part.

“I am honored to receive this year’s Alfred P. Sloan Development Grant,” said Au. “Clothing and data is a tech espionage thriller that explores the underbelly of Silicon Valley during the mobile revolution of the late 2000s, when startups were booming and things were breaking. I appreciate the support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for this story, which seeks to highlight the importance of information security in our increasingly digital world.

Film Independent’s MPAC Hollywood Bureau Writing Fellowship Grant will go to Mokh, who will receive $10,000 from the organization that elevates Muslim stories in support of its pilot. Room 099.

“We are proud to support writers with such intelligence, talent, and dedication to authentic storytelling in this year’s Episodic Lab,” commented Dia Vazquez, Associate Director of Fiction Programs, in closing, “and our A program capable of nurturing artistic voices and careers.”

The nonprofit arts organization that produces the Film Independent Spirit Awards, Film Independent offers up-and-coming filmmakers to add projects, additional filmmaker labs (directing, documentary, producing and screenwriting), its fast-track finance market and financial sponsorships. It also tries to strengthen through them. More grants and awards, which provide more than a million dollars in cash and services annually to visual storytellers.

Past Episodic Lab Fellows include April Shea, who has written on FX; Dave, Mrs. AmericaAnd You are the worst. and contracted overall at FX Productions; Cammy Lee, who sold out her show. Yogurt In a four-way battle for the Hollow; Henry “Hank” Jones, who wrote on Netflix. Family reunion And of the peacock Bel Air; KD Dávila, who wrote on CBS. Salvation And Freeforms Motherland: Fort Salem; and Stephanie Adams-Santos, who has written on The CW’s Two sentence horror stories.

More information about the pilots being developed by 2022 Episodic Lab participants can be found below.

Title: Clothing and data
the author: Christopher O
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship Award Winner

Logline: A straight-arrow software engineer is unwittingly drawn into the lucrative underground world of tech espionage, setting him on a dangerous collision course with elite hackers, law enforcement and the NSA. is erecting

Title: East Los Angeles
the author: Miguel Orozco, Boris Rodriguez

Logline: After a spaceship crashes in East LA, a mixed-race Latino family rescues an alien and must find the courage to defy government officials and save the alien from an evil that threatens humanity. May lead to termination.

Title: The Makbah
the author: Terry Dawson

Logline: In 1959, Harry Belafonte discovered South African singer Mary Makeba in a London nightclub and invited her to America with the promise of making her a huge star. He delivers and she becomes wildly popular in the 60s. But when she becomes romantically involved with notorious political activist and Black Panther Stokely Carmichael, she finds herself blackballed from showbiz and exiled from her country.

Title: The Killing Podcast
the author: GG Hawkins

Logline: When a weather radio reporter is forced to investigate a cold-case murder in a rural town, his aspirations for journalistic integrity are threatened by obsessive podcast listeners—revenge. True crime fanatics with a thirst. The Killing Podcast is a horror drama series about our cultural fixation with true crime.

Title: Room 099
the author: Sarah Mokh
MPAC, Hollywood Bureau Fellowship Award Winner

Logline: In a secret basement prayer room, hidden from their peers and Ivy League administration, a group of Muslim college students struggle to find their places on campus and in America.

Title: The Dead
the author: Ben Gonzales, Erica Bardeen

Logline: When a struggling businessman receives an unexpected inheritance with irresponsible strings attached, he must comply to protect his family from evil forces.

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