Final scene of NBC’s ‘Days of Our Lives’ interrupted by King’s speech –

Longtime New York viewers Days of our lives Today we got the ultimate Friday cliffhanger when the final scene of the final episode of NBC’s long running soap was interrupted by a live broadcast of King Charles III’s speech.

The series will move to streaming service Peacock on Monday.

In today’s episode, Gaby of Camila Banus visited the mausoleum to tell her departed lover about her new relationship. “But, you know, even though…” were the last words heard by viewers watching this episode today, at least in some Eastern time markets. In New York, the episode began today at noon, an hour earlier than usual at 13:00.

Thursday’s episode was completely moved out of its time slot due to the live coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. NBC re-aired the episode on Thursday at 3 a.m. Friday.

Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem to release Peacock spin-off soundtrack has contacted NBC about whether tonight’s episode will air in full.

DUL was launched on NBC in 1965, and in August, the network announced that, effective September 12, the soap series would move to Peacock exclusively from September 12. the show library is already available for streaming for Peacock Premium subscribers.

NBC will fill DUL slot with Daily NBC News.

Soap recently tweeted an instructional video on how to watch Peacock:

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