Finished Squid Game? Here’s What You Should Watch Next

The most violent children’s game we’ve ever seen.

We are, of course, referring to. NetflixNew charming drama, Squid game., Whose roles are played by. Live the war, Sleep in the park, War is on, O Yong Soo., Hugh Sung Tie And more – taking part in sports since childhood with a deadly twist. For example, we would never see “Red Light, Green Light”, because more than half of the characters were brutally killed while playing it.

Yet Squid game. It is more than a story of violent terrorism, the drama reflects social inequality. Therefore, it is not surprising that Netflix users have eaten the dystopian nightmare. In fact, at the end of September, Ted Srendus., Netflix co-CEO and Chief Content Officer made this clear. Squid game. It was good on its way To break the streaming record.

Because of this update, we’ve made the leap. Squid game. Bandwagon and the whole series in three days. Unfortunately, this meant that we longed for more suspense and conspiracy.

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