Finn Jones & Jessica McNamee To Star In Blumhouse’s Latest Epix TV Movie ‘The Visitor’ – Deadline

Special.: Apex And Bloomhouse The TV has set its next small screen feature. Visitor Starring Finn Jones and Jessica McNami.

The film, scripted by Admin Mason and Simon Boys and directed by Justin P. Lange, is the latest TV film as part of a two-company deal to make eight stand-alone films.

Dickinson And wake up Star Jones and The battle of the sexes. And Combat of death. Star McNamy leads the cast of the psychological horror thriller.

After many tragedies, including the death of his father-in-law, Robert and his wife Maya left their home in London and returned to their childhood home. But when Robert discovers an old picture of a man in the attic spitting on him, he goes down the rabbit hole to find out the identity of this mysterious Doppel Ginger. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that death comes where the visitor goes.

The cast also includes Dan Rhodes.Creep showAnd Donna Bisco (The Hunger Games). Production continues in New Orleans.

Adam Mason and Simon Boys have previously collaborated with Blum House Television on several episodes. In the darkMcNami also starred in the Anthology series.

Executive producers are Jason Blum, Kurm McCumber and Jeremy Gold Blum for House Television, Greg Gilreth and Adam Hendricks for David / Conker, Bradley Pales for Productions, Adam Mason and Simon Boys and David West.

Jones is represented by CAA, Atlas Artists, Curtis Brown Group and Falker Tokzik Suddleson Abramson, McNami is represented by Hypern, Atlas Artists, Independent Management Company and Goodman, Geno, Shankman, Smilkinson and Christopher, Rhodes is represented by People. Stores and sells. Represents People Store and CMA Entertainment.

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