First ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians’ trailer gives us a glimpse into Camp Half-Blood

trailer, which was released on YouTube, seems to show Percy Jackson making his first trip to Poseidon’s Hut. For those who don’t know, Percy Jackson is a demigod, meaning that one of his parents is a mortal and the other is a god with a lowercase “g”. Since the gods don’t have to directly raise or intervene in their children’s lives (actually, for plot reasons), they are left to fend for themselves among their mortal relatives.

Camp Half-Blood is where the children of the Greek pantheon of gods learn survival skills. The reason why Percy seems like an outcast in this trailer is because he is the son of Poseidon, one of the three most powerful Greeks (along with Zeus and Hades), all of whom have vowed to stop having mortal children after their previous offspring delivered too many hassle.

Once that’s installed, the teaser trailer gives us a quick look at several different huts, each housing the children of a different deity. The huts that Percy passes are surrounded by a small crowd, but when he approaches his hut, no one is there. He is the only demigod son of Poseidon. There are other interesting details, such as the relatively clear depiction of the camp’s famous orange T-shirt, and the fact that they are all wearing leather necklaces that count down the years in the camp. As for the voice acting, it has little to do with what is happening on the screen. It is, however, a near-perfect adaptation of Percy’s first warning at the beginning of the first book, and it sets the mood for what’s at stake for these literal children.

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